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Twitter has hired a dedicated team to fact-check Donald Trump’s tweets and the unemployment rate in America is now zero
Following its announcement that it would start fact-checking Donald Trump’s tweets, Twitter has put together a crack team of 23
Fears Of Rush On Malaria Drug Unfounded, After Trump Supporters Unable To Pronounce Hydroxychloroquine
Pharmacists say the President’s claim he was taking anti-malarial medication to fend off COVID-19 has not led to an increase
New Evidence That Donald Trump Originated In A Lab
New evidence has emerged this week that suggests Donald Trump may have been the result of a laboratory experiment devised
Trump Voters Celebrate, As News Breaks Of Hillary Clinton’s Impeachment 
Trump supporters across America are celebrating tonight, after news of Hillary Clinton’s impeachment quickly spread
Doubts Emerge Over Whether Trump Was Actually In Tunnel, Pulled Trigger When Al-Baghdadi Died
Doubts have begun to emerge about Donald Trump’s claim that he personally chased ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a
Trump Accuses Democrat Debate Of Blatant Bias For Not Including A Single Republican
Donald Trump has unleashed a Twitter tirade, accusing the media of bias for not showing a single Republican candidate on
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Trump Family Comes Together To Call Out Joe Biden’s Nepotism
Donald Trump has brought together his senior advisor and the joint heads of his business organisation (sometimes referred to as
Here’s The Full Unedited Transcript Of Donald Trump’s Call With The Ukrainian President
Determined to set the record straight about what was discussed on his phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymry Zelensky, Donald
Trump Commemorates September 11 With Moving Account Of How He Is America’s Best Ever President 
Donald Trump has used a memorial for September 11 victims to reflect on the thousands of men and women who
Trump Says US Economy Never Stronger: ‘People Who Had One Job Now Have Two’
Donald Trump has rejected claims the country’s economy is faltering, saying many Americans now enjoy twice as many jobs as
Trump Asks Queen To Prorogue US Congress
Following the lead of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US President Donald Trump has called the Queen and asked her
Trump Offers Thoughts And Prayers To Family Of Downed Drone
President Trump says his thoughts and prayers are with the relatives of the US drone that was shot down in
Donald Trump satire
National Emergency Declares National Emergency
America now has two national emergencies, it can be confirmed
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Donald Trump Calls George HW Bush’s Family, To Say How Lucky America Is To Have Donald Trump As President
Donald Trump has made a personal call to those closest to the late George HW Bush, saying he was without
Pipe Bombs Made From US Steel, Trump Reassures Americans
Donald Trump has told a rally that while he doesn’t condone the home-made pipe bombs that were sent to Hillary