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Trump Leaves Poignant Letter For Biden, Reminding Him That His Ratings On The Apprentice Were Very, Very High
"It is the highest honour for an American citizen to receive six, sometimes seven million viewers per week"
Trump To Give Concession Speech At The Marriott Hardware & Lumber Warehouse
"The event will not take place at the Marriott International Hotel as previously advised"
Donald Trump Has Released An Official Statement
"You're not the boss of me!"
Donald Trump’s Election Response Starting To Look More And More Like The Actions Of Donald Trump
“This reminds me a lot of what happened in America during the years 2016-2020"
Frantic Donald Trump Unable To Open Childproof Cap On Bottle Of Hydroxychloroquine
“All of the caps are glued on!”
Trump calls emergency meeting to come up with sexist nickname for Kamala Harris
Donald Trump has cut short a Florida golf trip to urgently assemble a short-list of misogynistic slurs for Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris
Americans amazed by fancy new Australian technique called ‘Journalism’
“I’ve never seen anything like it"
Trump suggests closing hospitals to reduce COVID deaths
“No one wants to talk about it, but the link is very, very clear".
The American economy is set to BOOM after Donald Trump sent the nation’s reserves to a ‘free bitcoin’ account on Twitter
I sent them $2.5 trillion in Bitcoin, and now they’re going to send me back $5 trillion in Bitcoin
Highly Contagious, Deadly Virus Wears Face Mask in Public For First Time
A virus described by experts as ‘erratic’, ‘nasty’ and ‘unpredictable’ has been seen wearing a mask in public for the
Self-Obsessed Reality TV Star To Run For President
Kanye West has also thrown his hat into the ring
America to stop measuring gun-related deaths in an effort to eradicate gun crime
US President Donald Trump says the nation’s gun crime will plummet thanks to a new policy which will see gun-related
Trump confirms that favourite part of Bible is when hungry caterpillar eats piece of chocolate cake
“Jesus was a wonderful author – he really was".
A tip for protesters at the White House: If you say you’re called ‘The Coronavirus’ the President won’t do anything to stop you
“You’ll literally be able to do whatever the fuck you want for three weeks"
Twitter has hired a dedicated team to fact-check Donald Trump’s tweets and the unemployment rate in America is now zero
Following its announcement that it would start fact-checking Donald Trump’s tweets, Twitter has put together a crack team of 23