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donald trump play doh
Trump Asks Justin Trudeau If He’s Ready To Get Down To Business
US President Donald Trump wants to know if his Canadian guest is ready to go to the playroom now, it
donald trump approval
Incredible! Donald Trump Has Highest Approval Rating Ever When You Sum Up All The Different Polls
Donald Trump has an amazingly-high approval rating of 167% when you add up the figures from ABC, Gallup, Wall Street
bowling green massacre
Moving New Memorial Lists Names Of All Bowling Green Massacre Victims
US President Donald Trump today unveiled a poignant new memorial in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a lasting tribute to all zero people
2 Million New Facts Created In Trump Administration’s First Week
In a stunningly successful first week for the Trump administration, the US has seen the creation of over two million new facts, spurred
the wiggles
Performers For Trump Inauguration Confirmed
The Wiggles will headline the entertainment component of Donald Trump’s inauguration, it has been confirmed
Putin US
Putin Happy To Let Trump Do Day-to-Day Running Of US
Just days before his inauguration, Vladimir Putin says he is pragmatic about his new role in the US, and is happy
Trump 100 days
World Utterly Un-Shocked By News President-Elect Paid Prostitutes To Urinate On Him
The world has heard the news about the future leader of the free world paying to be urinated on by
Russia Interfered In US Elections, CIA Reveals In Their Last Ever Report
Russia helped Donald Trump become President, the CIA reported this week, in their final briefing before being abolished
trump-phone toy phone
Aides Secretly Replace Trump’s Cell Phone With Toy Phone
Advisers for Donald Trump have sneakily swapped the President-elect’s phone with a plastic Fisher Price device, which they say he
hamilton trump
Trump Promises To Protect America From Growing Threat Of Musical Theatre 
Donald Trump says he will use his presidency to curtail the real and present threat posed by singing theatre groups
We Analysed Donald Trump’s And Adolf Hitler’s Tweets – The Similarities Will Shock You
Many comparisons have been made between America’s President-elect and the German Nazi leader. Most have been dismissed as sensationalist, misleading,
Trump campaign
Trump To Run Nation Like He Runs A Business (US To Be Declared Bankrupt Next June)
President-elect Donald Trump says he will apply the same techniques to running the country as he has with his businesses,
Trump To Build Brutal Island Prison For Illegal Immigrants (Oh No Wait, That’s Australia)
US President Donald Trump* says he will custom build a secretive island prison in the middle of the ocean, to lock
Trump Rally
Oh Fuck
“Jesus H Fuckety fucking fuck fuck fuck,” the world said in a carefully-worded statement today
Trump campaign
Trump’s 1,418th Sexist Comment Final Straw For Outraged Republicans
Republican Party stalwarts say they are shocked at Donald Trump’s recently-revealed sexist comment, his 1,418th of the campaign