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Trump and Sons
Donald Trump Uses Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit To Write Down All The Words He Knows
Twitter’s increased character limit has been met with a mixed response so far. But its most famous user is said
Trump satire
“If Only We’d Known He Was A Flawed Candidate Before The Election” Disillusioned Americans Say
Disheartened Americans are wishing there was some kind of sign or warning that Donald Trump would turn out to be
Sign Language Interpreter For Trump’s UN Speech Just Using Middle Fingers
Experienced United Nations sign language interpreter Julia Marizo said her translation of Donald Trump’s speech involved nothing but waiving her
Donald Trump tweets
Trump Orders Testing Of New, More Powerful 280 Character Tweet, As North Korea Crisis Escalates  
Donald Trump has asked US scientists to begin development of a longer, more potent Tweet apparatus, upping the ante in
trump ecstacy
War on Drugs: Trump Agrees To Put His Name On Ecstasy Tablets To Ensure Its Business Model Fails
As part of the US Government’s ongoing War on Drugs, US President Donald Trump has generously agreed to lend his
Trump Promises ‘Jobs For All Americans’ (One At A Time As Communications Director)
President Donald Trump has made good on his promise to put all Americans in work, with each of the 250
Donald Trump North Korea
Trump Issues Fifth Final Warning To North Korea On Missile Launches
Donald Trump says he will definitely and absolutely, without a doubt, possibly launch military action against North Korea if they
donald trump junior
Donald Trump Jr Says Meeting With Russia Was ‘Nyet Big Deal’
Claiming that his twenty minute meeting with a Russian lawyer was nothing more than a Простой разговор между двумя незнакомцами,
trump western wall
Trump Quietly Hides Tax Returns In Western Wall
In a poignant moment on his Middle East visit, US President Donald Trump took time out to hide his tax
Trump 100 days
Trump’s First 100 Days Have Had Way More Days Than Obama’s First 100 Days, White House Says
White House spokesperson Sean Spicer says Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office contained the largest number of days ever
Mike Pence
Religious Extremist Enters Country
Security has been stepped up across Sydney after police were alerted to a religious extremist who had somehow found his way
Trump satire
Trump Opens Morning Papers To Discover Media Finally Reporting Real News
April 1: After months of reading fake news from publications such as the New York Times and The Washington Post,
Donald Trump extremists
Trump Relieved To Discover His Crushed Ego Covered Under Obamacare
Donald Trump failed to get his health care plan past his own party this week, but was consoled by the
obama wiretap
Obama Family Settle In To Listen To Nightly Trump Wiretap
Preparing snacks and drinks before getting comfortable on the sofa, the Obama family settled in to listen to the best
trump orange
These Pics Of A Young Donald Trump Are Breaking The Internet
Forget young Justin Trudeau or young Joe Biden, a collection of pictures of Donald Trump in his junior days is