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trump wall
Negotiating Whiz Convinces Mexico To Pay $0 Billion To Build Wall
Deal-making maestro Donald Trump has pulled off the seemingly impossible – convincing Mexico to contribute a full 0.00% of the
Donald Trump satire
National Emergency Declares National Emergency
America now has two national emergencies, it can be confirmed
Trump Bush
Donald Trump Calls George HW Bush’s Family, To Say How Lucky America Is To Have Donald Trump As President
Donald Trump has made a personal call to those closest to the late George HW Bush, saying he was without
Donald Trump united nations
Baby Makes Historic Appearance At UN General Assembly
In what is a first for the United Nations, a baby has made an appearance at a General Assembly meeting
Trump trumble
Trump Praises Malcolm Trumble, Congratulates Scott Morrible
US President Donald Trump has sent his condolences to deposed Prime Minister Malcolm Trumble and phoned to congratulate new Prime
White House Denies Trump Used N-Word, Says President Doesn’t Know Any Words Starting With ‘N’
A spokesperson for Donald Trump says it is impossible that the President used the N-word on the set of The
Donald Trump secret recording
Explosive New Tape Reveals One Time Trump Didn’t Pay For Sex
A new secret recording has emerged revealing a conversation between US President Donald Trump and an unnamed woman, in which
Melania Trump
Melania Meant To Say ‘I Don’t’
Melania Trump has issued a statement today clarifying any confusion among the public about whether or not she actually wants
trump putin
Winner Of US Election Meets With Donald Trump In Helsinki
The winner of the 2016 US Presidential election took time out from his busy schedule to meet with Donald Trump
Melania Trump Travels To Event Wearing Hideous, Inappropriate Husband
The First Lady has been widely condemned for going out in public sporting an offensive husband in a move that
trump and kim playing
Trump-Kim Meeting To Take Place In High Security Playpen
Security measures have been ramped up for the upcoming meeting between Donald Trump and Kim-Jong Un, with the leaders to
Kardashian Trump
Vacuous, Attention-Seeking Reality TV Star Meets With Kim Kardashian
A narcissistic social media star who is famous merely for being famous has met with Kim Kardashian at the White
Melania Trump
Melania Hospitalised For Kidney Problems – Donald Offers To Sell Her His
Donald Trump says he is willing to give his sick wife his kidney, “at a fair price”
stormy daniels
Attention-Seeking Fake Blonde Had Sex With Stormy Daniels, 60 Minutes Reveals
Some desperate-for-money blonde with big tits once had sex with Stormy Daniels, a 60 Minute interview has exposed
donald trump the apprentice
Trump Yet To Realise He No Longer Needs To Fire One Person A Week
US President and former host of The Apprentice Donald Trump is still under the impression he needs to fire one