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Trump Leaves Poignant Letter For Biden, Reminding Him That His Ratings On The Apprentice Were Very, Very High
"It is the highest honour for an American citizen to receive six, sometimes seven million viewers per week"
Trump Bush
Donald Trump Calls George HW Bush’s Family, To Say How Lucky America Is To Have Donald Trump As President
Donald Trump has made a personal call to those closest to the late George HW Bush, saying he was without
Trump guns
Man At Centre Of Gun Debate Is Paid Actor
A man who has been at the centre of America’s gun debate since the Florida school shooting tragedy, is actually
Trump and Sons
Donald Trump Uses Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit To Write Down All The Words He Knows
Twitter’s increased character limit has been met with a mixed response so far. But its most famous user is said
trump missile advertising
Trump To Utilise Valuable Advertising Space On Side Of Missiles
Saying he couldn’t believe no-one had ever thought of it before, US President Donald Trump today unveiled plans to buy-up advertising
donald trump play doh
Trump Asks Justin Trudeau If He’s Ready To Get Down To Business
US President Donald Trump wants to know if his Canadian guest is ready to go to the playroom now, it
us travel ban
US Travel Ban: Muslim-Americans Follow Lead Of Republicans By Pretending To Be Christian
With many Muslims now banned from entering the United States, some have been left with no choice but to pretend