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Morrison Shits His Pants While Visiting Maccas In US
The White House has confirmed that the Australian Prime Minster did a filthy shit in his underwear while touring a
The Shovel & The Chaser Quarterly Present: ‘The War on 2019 – LIVE’
After a sold-out national tour last year, The Chaser Quarterly and The Shovel once again join forces to bring you The
scott morrison coal
Morrison’s Spiritual Advisor Rejected Entry For American State Visit
White House officials stopped Scott Morrison from bringing his pet rock to a state visit in Washington, it has been
trump and morrison
Trump Cancels Meeting With Australian PM Over Refusal To Sell New Zealand To US
Donald Trump has cut short a state visit with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, after Morrison ruled out selling New
trudeau blackface
Rare Footage Emerges Of Trudeau Not In Blackface
Explosive footage has emerged of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau without a blacked-up face, in images that have shocked the
Both GWS Fans Descend On MCG For Prelim Final
GWS Giants fans have swamped Melbourne ahead of Saturday’s clash with Collingwood, with both saying they are hopeful of a
Biloela Tamil Family Re-Enters Australia As High-Rolling Crown Casino Au Pairs 
The young Tamil family deported to Christmas Island at the weekend have been granted a last minute reprieve by Home
Boris Johnson
Britain Comforted By Fact That Prime Minister Looks Like He Knows What He’s Doing 
While admitting they are anxious about the uncertain times ahead, the people of Britain say they are reassured by the
Australia Offers To Sell New Zealand To US 
Describing it as a ‘terrific real estate opportunity not to be missed’ Australia has contacted US President Donald Trump, offering
Donald Trump
Denmark Agrees To Sell Graceland To Donald Trump
Denmark has agreed to sell Elvis Presley’s former estate to the United States after an extensive negotiation with President Donald
2GB Gives Alan Jones 38th Final Warning
Sydney radio station 2GB has told Alan Jones if he makes one more derogatory comment about women he will be
Alan Jones
Jones Says He Was Misinterpreted. “I Meant To Say I Am Threatened By Powerful Women And I’m Terrified That They May Be Smarter Than Me”
Sydney radio host Alan Jones says his comment that New Zealand Prime Minister should ‘have a sock shoved down her
National Milk Crate Association Calls For Loosening Of Open Carry Laws
The powerful NMCA has called for open-carry laws to be introduced in all Australian states, in the wake of the
Australian Tourist Asks If Hong Kong Protesters Could Please Hold Off On Fight For Democracy Until After His Holiday Is Over
Saying it was a worthy cause but one that could just as easily take place after his flight home next
Liberal Party Doesn’t Have Any Goddamn Fucking Issues With Bullying
There is no issue with bullying in the Liberal Party and if you can’t see that then don’t expect to