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Prince Andrew Says Photo Of Him With Hand Around 17 Year-Old Is Doctored “I Actually Didn’t Have Hands At The Time”
Prince Andrew has responded to ongoing questions about a photo of him with a 17 year old Virginia Roberts, saying
John Howard Gives Prince Andrew Advice On How To Provide Support To Paedophiles
John Howard has come to the aid of Prince Andrew, with the former PM saying he has plenty of experience
Israel Folau’s Embarrassing AFL Career Was Caused By Same Sex Marriage, Israel Folau Claims
Israel Folau’s disastrous year playing for the Greater Western Sydney Giants In 2011 was caused by the government’s legalisation of
In our rush to condemn Prince Andrew for befriending a convicted sex offender, we’ve forgotten that Meghan Markle once wore a dress that DIDN’T SUIT HER 
In a BBC interview this week, we were reminded that Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffry Epstein continued, even after the
Tissue In Your Washing This Morning Due To Same Sex Marriage, Israel Folau Claims
A tissue which was left in your washing machine and then dispersed throughout the entire load was caused by the
Fire Department Sets Government Bullshit Meter To “Catastrophic”
Emergency services have responded to this week’s political shitstorm by setting the government bullshit meter to “catastrophic” – the highest
Halloween: This Kid Is Dressing Up As A Coal Industry Lobbyist In Order To Get Bigger Handouts 
Pre-schooler Jack Fawson has announced that he will be dressing up as coal industry lobbyist this Halloween, in order to
Angus Taylor Provides Documentation To Prove Australian Drought Is Over
Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has provided newspaper The Daily Telegraph with compelling photographic evidence that the Australian drought is
Mark Zuckerberg Forgets To Install Personality Update Before Facing Congress
This is the moment a panicked Mark Zuckerberg realised part way through a grilling in the US Congress that he
Signing For A Parcel With Your Finger Is Literally Useless, Nation Says
Using your finger to create a wobbly line that looks nothing like your signature is a massive waste of time,
The Australian Blames Malfunctioning Printer For Accidentally Blanking Out The Words ‘ABC’, ‘Safe Schools’ and ‘Gender Wars’ On Front Page
The Australian newspaper has apologised for its front page yesterday, saying a faulty printer accidentally inked out the words ‘ABC’,
Man Who Has Secret To Making Millions From Property Investment Decides To Run Property Seminars Instead 
A Gold Coast man whose secret investment strategy will allow you to earn millions of dollars and quit your day
Man Becomes First Person To Drive 42km In Under 2 Hours In Sydney Traffic
Office worker Darren Lacone has managed to get from one side of Sydney to the other in sub two hours,
Leaked Transcript Reveals Morrison Asked Trump To Help Work Out Who The Fuck The Prawn Is On Masked Singer
Explosive new leaked documents suggest that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison used a call with US President Donald Trump to
Here’s The Full Unedited Transcript Of Donald Trump’s Call With The Ukrainian President
Determined to set the record straight about what was discussed on his phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymry Zelensky, Donald