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Man Working From Home Holds Useless 2-Hour Meeting With Himself
Saying he wanted to replicate the feeling of working from the office, Melbourne account manager Liam Hickey has set up
Angus Taylor Says Fact He Owns 2,000 Hairdressing Salons Is Total Coincidence 
Energy Minister Angus Taylor says there is absolutely no connection between his portfolio of 2,000 hairdressing salons and the government’s
Scott Morrison Defined As Non-Essential Service 
Scott Morrison is not critical to the nation’s response to COVID-19, it has been confirmed
Marrickville Coles Totally Out Of Typewriters And Vintage Suitcases, As Panic Buying Continues
Stores in Sydney’s inner west and Melbourne’s inner north are experiencing a shortage of essentials including vintage suitcases, ukuleles and
Peter Dutton Ordered To Self-Isolate On Manus Island For Next 5-8 Years
Saying it was the best way to ensure he didn’t contaminate the Australian population any further, authorities have ordered Home
Local Introvert Prepares For Coronavirus By Self-Isolating For Last 20 Years
Sydney man Kyle McKenzie says he has been preparing for the COVID-19 epidemic since 2001, cleverly avoiding crowds and public
Condolences Flow In, After Fans Learn Tom Hanks Was On The Gold Coast
Fans around the world have sent their thoughts and prayers to Tom Hanks, after it was revealed the actor and
Man Who Has Runny Nose And Fucking Hates His Job Pretty Sure He Has Coronavirus 
A Melbourne man who woke up with a bit of a sniffle and an ongoing hatred of his job, feels
Scott Cam Just Demolished His Reputation On Live TV. Now 5 Lucky Couples Get To Rebuild It!
In a new twist on reality TV favourite The Block, host Scott Cam has completely demolished his own reputation, ready
5 Great Toilet Paper Recipes For Idiots Who Forgot To Buy Food 
You’ve contracted coronavirus, you’ve been told you need to self-isolate for 14 days, and instead of buying things you actually
Powerball Jackpots To 12-Pack Of 3-Ply Toilet Paper
One lucky Australian could walk away with a week’s supply of toilet paper tonight, after Powerball jackpotted to a dozen
Your IQ Is 150 Minus The Number Of Toilet Paper Rolls You Have In Your House Right Now 
A new, simpler measure of intelligence has been developed which is calculated by subtracting the number of rolls of toilet
People Panic-Buying Toilet Paper Are Most Likely To Die From Coronavirus, New Research Confirms 
People who think toilet paper is the most important thing to stock up on during a viral outbreak are probably
PM Commits To Zero Climate Policy By 2050
Scott Morrison says his party will have absolutely no climate policy by the year
Doubts Cast Over Seriousness Of Coronavirus, After Only 97% Of Scientists Claim It Is Real
A growing number of politicians and commentators have questioned the need to treat coronavirus, with many pointing out that only