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Rupert Murdoch satire
Rupert Murdoch to step in as host of Everybody Dance Now
Media mogul and dance connoisseur Rupert Murdoch has announced he will be taking over as host of the Ten Network’s Everybody
The Shovel's satirical set of knives
ADVERTISING FEATURE: Transform your life with The Shovel’s all-purpose knife set!!
Are your kitchen knives letting you down? Do you spend hours trying to cut the crap out of your life
watching the olympics satire
Brisbane family to conduct full-scale review into their sub-par Olympic TV viewing performance
Like so many Olympic dreams, it started with high expectations. On the eve of the Olympic telecast, the Heath family
Aussie Aussie Aussie
“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” chant wins top industry gong
The clever and popular sporting chant “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi” has won the prestigious song writing award at
Awkward silence after senior manager uses the word ‘funky’ in a meeting
Employees at a city accountancy firm are still reeling after one of the senior partners allegedly used the word ‘funky’
law and order svu
New Police Recruit Shocked To Discover His Job Is Nothing Like Law & Order SVU
Nineteen year-old Melbourne man Brody Thompson has quit his position as a Victoria Police cadet after discovering the role lacked
Justin Bieber Melbourne
Justin Bieber reveals: “I lose my shit every time I see myself in the mirror”
We’ve all seen the images of teenage girls falling to pieces, simultaneously screaming “OH MY GOD” and balling their eyes
PM David Cameron cuts ties with Scotland after Andy Murray loses again
It was the final straw. For as long as Andy Murray looked like he might win a major tournament, the
Malcolm Turnbull
Mayhem Predicted As Political Media Advisers Threaten To Go On Strike
Media advisers working for both Labor and Coalition politicians may go on strike from as early as this Friday after
black caviar in nightclub brawl
Black Caviar in drunken brawl at London nightclub
BREAKING: Champion Australian racehorse Black Caviar was allegedly involved in an incident at an exclusive London nightclub, just hours after
Tony Abbott carbon tax
Abbott: ‘Carbon tax to blame for the lack of good TV shows on Tuesday nights’
Opposition leader Tony Abbott yesterday spoke out publicly about an issue that many Australians have privately been angry about for