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Innovative new shopping service allows customers to send Christmas gifts directly to landfill
"Cut out the middle man"
Increasing number of children don’t even realise Christmas is Santa’s birthday
"In my day we celebrated the story of Santa's birth"
under 9s cricket
Under 9’s Fast Bowler Shortens Run-Up To Just 140 Metres
Eight year-old express bowler Jai Matthews has confirmed his next delivery will be off a short run of just 140
belle gibson fine
Belle Gibson Says She Rejects Mainstream Methods For Paying Fines, And Will Overcome Her Fine Through Natural Remedies And Self Reflection
Wellness blogger Belle Gibson has told a court that she doesn’t believe in conventional approaches to court-ordered fines and prefers
Taxi Industry Responds To Uber Air, Promising More Expensive, Slightly Dirtier Version Within Months 
Australia’s taxi industry has responded to the impending arrival of ‘aerial rideshare’ service Uber Air, saying it will launch a
The Nationals Took Out An Ad In Our Election Guide And It’s Pretty Upfront Actually
The National Party has paid for a full-page ad in our Official Election Guide. For 100 pages of seat-by-seat analysis,
New Anti-Vaccination Seminar To Cut Out Middle-Man And Just Inject Participants Directly With Measles 
Claiming to be the most efficient way to get information about not vaccinating your family, a new series of seminars
Liberal Party Considers Changing Rule That Requires Female MPs To Have Permission From Their Husband
"Checks and balances would still remain in place"
Donald Trump To Spend Romantic Valentine’s Dinner With The Love Of His Life
US President Donald Trump says he’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with the most talented, gifted, amazing person he knows,
womans day royal baby
“We Broke Royal Baby News Six Months Ago” Woman’s Day Reminds Readers
A frustrated editor of tabloid magazine Woman’s Day has reminded readers that her journalists first broke the story of Harry
french citizenship test
The New French Citizenship Test Looks Tough
Experts have described France’s new citizenship test as amongst the most difficult in the world, after a new baby-rescuing challenge
royal wedding
Unemployed London Man Marries Successful Hollywood Actress
In a fairytale love story that has captured hearts across the world, a retired army officer from England has married
ikea robot
Robots That Built IKEA Chair Now Divorced
Citing ‘irreparable differences’, a pair of Singaporean robots who famously built an IKEA chair last week, has divorced, after the
Malcolm Turnbull newspoll
‘30 Newspolls In A Row Is The New 20 Newspolls In A Row’, Turnbull Says
Reaching 30 negative political surveys in a row these days feels the same as reaching 20 negative political surveys in
people bumping
88% Of Relationships Begun by Colliding into Person Holding Stack of Files, Research Finds
A decades long study by the University of California has found that 88% of all relationships are begun by colliding