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Sweeping change: Albo to remove sex swing from Parliament House prayer room
"Things are going to change around here"
frantic dog barnaby joyce
Nation’s Dogs Frantically Rush To Get Papers In Order After Barnaby Joyce Announced Deputy Prime Minister
Dogs around the country have checked and re-checked their registration and vaccination details after notorious dog-hater Barnaby Joyce was announced
SUV self entitlement
Overwhelming Sense Of Self-Entitlement Now Included Standard With All SUVs
Large luxury SUVs will soon come standard with airbags, bluetooth and an over-exaggerated desire to do whatever the f*ck works
barnaby joyce
Calls For National Sick Day After Nation Forced To Imagine Barnaby Joyce Having Sex
*TRIGGER WARNING – Contains distressing material* Workers rights groups have called for a nation-wide day off, after millions of Australians
Centrelink Caller Qualifies for Aged Pension While On Hold
A Brisbane woman who rang Centrelink to enquire about a youth allowance 38 years ago has finally had her phone
nelly yao
Nelly Yao Secures Australian Open Berth
Sudanese-Australian soccer and AFL star Nelly Yao will take time out of his busy film acting career to play this
eric abetz gay marriage
DAY 5: Eric Abetz Still Heterosexual
Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz still hasn’t been turned into a gay, reports show
parliament house
Constitutional Crisis Deepens: Dozens Of MPs To Keep Their Seats
In another cruel twist in the citizenship saga, there were concerns today that some MPs may actually be sole citizens
pauline hanson queensland election
Pauline Hanson Says 13% Qld Vote Is More Evidence Of Angry, Silent Majority
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says her party’s vote in the recent Queensland election was confirmation that most people want
jacqui lambi tasmania
Jacqui Lambie Dual Citizen Of Tasmania, Office Confirms
The office of Independent senator Jacqui Lambie was in crisis this morning, after the 46 year-old conceded she may hold
woman phone
I Went Without My Phone For A Week And, Oh Fuck This Is Such A Boring Article
Have you ever stopped and wondered what it would be like if I had to live without my phone for
Sportsbet Ad Constantly Interrupted By Football Game
A 3-hour advertisement informing viewers of the latest sports betting odds has been annoyingly interrupted by a game of football,
wonder woman
“Isn’t It About Time We Had A ‘Wonder Man’ Movie?” Men Demand
Following the success of the new Wonder Woman movie, male moviegoers are asking how long it will be before there’s a
it's june
Fuck, It’s June
More as the story unfolds
corby released
Corby Arrested At Brisbane Airport After Banana, Bag Of Nuts Found In Luggage
Schapelle Corby is being held in police custody in an Australian airport after she failed to declare a food item