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santa claus birthday
Increasing Number Of Children Don’t Even Realise Christmas Is Santa’s Birthday Anymore
A growing number of young people have forgotten – or never knew – that the 25th of December commemorates the
Budgie 9 Payback: Malaysian Men Gatecrash Palm Beach Surf Club With 4-Hour Alcohol-Free Cultural Performance
A group of Malaysian men in their twenties gate-crashed an event at the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club last
Banks Charge Government ‘Processing Fee’ For Answering Inquiry Questions
A $22.50 processing fee has been applied to each question answered during the parliamentary inquiry into banks, it was revealed
Brangelina Divorce: “Brad Only Ever Brought Two Letters To This Relationship”, Angelina Says
Angelina Jolie has told journalists that her partnership with Brad Pitt was one-sided, unbalanced, and unfair, with Pitt only contributing
‘Marriage Is A Sacred Union Between A Man And The Right Wing Of His Party’: Turnbull Says
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reiterated his thoughts on marriage, saying for him it has always been, and always will
peter dutton nauru
Nauru Files To Be Taken To Nauru For ‘Processing’
2,000 leaked incident reports from the Nauru immigration detention centre have been shipped to Nauru by the Australian government, so
census bethlehem
ABS Considers Reverting To Traditional Method Of Holding Census In Bethlehem
Australians would be asked to travel to the Palestinian city of Bethlehem under a new simpler census mechanism currently being considered
harry potter
JK Rowling Releases New Book ‘Harry Potter And The Brand New Wing On My House’
The latest instalment in the Harry Potter series, released this week, addresses previously unanswered questions from the series such as,
Pokemon Go
Gaming News: Pokémon Go Players Still Adjusting To Amount Of Light Outside
A week after tentatively opening the front door and venturing outside, Pokémon Go players were today still squinting as their
Pete Evans Launches New Cookbook: 100 Simple Conspiracy Theories You Can Create At Home
Celebrity chef Pete Evans launched his latest publication today, a collection of quick-and-easy conspiracy theories that you can whip up
rudd concession speech
Fears Rudd’s Concession Speech May Not Be Over In Time For Shorten To Begin His
Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s concession speech, which began after his 2013 election loss and was still ongoing at the
old enough to vote
Children Born At Start Of Election Campaign Now Old Enough To Vote
Thousands of boys and girls who were born back when Malcolm Turnbull first called the election are now all grown
facebook memories
New ‘Facebook Memories’ Reminds You What You Did Yesterday
Labelling it a ‘trip down memory lane’, social networking site Facebook today launched a new feature that will remind users
clive palmer dinosaurs
Clive Palmer To Retire, To Spend More Time With His Family
Saying he wanted to be around to see Rip and Molly grow up to be big dinosaurs, Queensland billionaire and
christopher pyne submarine
New $50 Billion Submarine Contract To Secure Job In Adelaide
A new project to build 12 submarines in Adelaide will lock in as many as one job in South Australia, Government