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mathias Cormann
Finance Minister Had ‘No Idea’ People Had To Pay For Their Own Holidays
Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said he was not previously aware of the Australian tradition of people paying for their own
broad church
Live Updated Pictures Of Liberal Party’s ‘Broad Church’
The Liberal Party’s famous ‘broad church’ is actually an 8 square metre chapel on the side of a highway near
Striking Students Willing To Agree To 8 Sitting Days Next Year
Thousands of Australian students who went on strike today have reached a compromise agreement that would see them go to
‘Onion Too Dangerous’ Says Shop That Has Dedicated Chainsaw Section
A warehouse chain that has an entire section devoted to chainsaws, compound mitre saws and jackhammers, has warned its customers
Virgin Australia Passengers To Be Asked To Sing National Anthem Before Take Off
Virgin Australia passengers will be required to stand, place their hand on their heart and sing the Australian national anthem
ross cameron
Sky News Says Ross Cameron Failed To Meet Standards Of Racism Expected At Network
Saying overt racism had no place in its organisation, Sky News has used the sacking of Ross Cameron to remind
eric abetz quotas
‘Quotas For Woman Ridiculous’ Says Senator Whose Job Literally Relies On The Concept Of Quotas
A Tasmanian man who only has a job because the founders of Australia’s parliamentary system implemented a rule ensuring equal
coles little shop plastic bag
Coles Launches Mini Collectable Single-Use Plastic Bag
Supermarket giant Coles has added to its successful mini collectables range, announcing a tiny single-use plastic bag that customers can
barnaby book
Barnaby Releases Book, Podcast Series, TV Show And Live Tour In Desperate Bid For Privacy
Reminding customers that his new tell-all book is available in all good bookstores, former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce made a
optus world cup
Soccer Actually Just That Slow, Optus Confirms
As complaints of dodgy World Cup coverage continued – despite the problem now being fixed – Optus was forced to
richard di natale cannabis
Greens Announce Two New Policies – “Legalising Marijuana And I Can’t Remember The Other One”
Greens leader Richard Di Natale says his party will push to legalise cannabis and implement another policy that he can’t
optus white
Optus Launches New ‘Optus White’ Service
Telecommunications provider Optus has launched a new premium service called ‘Optus White’, a special offering available exclusively to customers of
Milo cricket my first yellow tape
Milo Cricket Launches ‘My First Yellow Tape’ For Cricketing Youngsters
Saying it wanted to teach young boys and girls all the skills required to play in the grown-ups’ game, Milo
julie bishop and partner
Romantic! Julie Bishop Has Updated Her Relationship Status On Facebook
Barnaby Joyce baby
Barnaby Joyce Hits Back: “I’m A Families Man”
Barnaby Joyce has responded to criticism of his recently-exposed extra-marital affair, saying he has always stood for strong families values