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Morrison heads to Queensland for photo op of him holding hose
"I've listened. I've learned".
Increasing number of children don’t even realise Christmas is Santa’s birthday
"In my day we celebrated the story of Santa's birth"
Morrison Sits Down With Wife To Determine Whether Masturbating On Female MP’s Desk Is Appropriate Or Not
"Jenny always has a way of clarifying things”
‘We told you Labor would wreck the economy’, Frydenberg says, announcing Australia officially in recession
"We told you a vote for Labor was a vote for recession, debt and unemployment - and look where we are now".
“Customers won’t notice any difference”: Tiger Airways announces it will no longer fly
“We’ve made the difficult decision to continue the service levels that you have become accustomed to"
For those of you in Melbourne who need cheering up, just remember that Sam Newman can’t play golf for the next 42 days
Things in Melbourne are pretty tough right now. But mental health experts say one simple way to improve your mood
Pell Back In Prison After Being Caught Eating A Kebab In A Park
George Pell is back behind bars tonight after being busted eating a late-night snack in public
When Is It Ok To Leave My House? Australia’s Coronavirus Restrictions Explained
Australians have been told not to leave their house unless it’s absolutely necessary. So what is a permissible reason to
back in black
Frydenberg Announces Deficit Will Be Funded By Selling 3.7 Billion ‘Back In Black’ Mugs
“This is a sensible, economically responsible, costed plan"
Bridget McKenzie Has Moved To The Coalition Backbenches, Which Incidentally Have Been Beautifully Upgraded Thanks To A Generous Government Grant
Bridget McKenzie has resigned from her ministerial role, and will take up a position on the Coalition backbenches – tastefully
Clear Link Between Craig Kelly And Total Fucking Stupidity, Scientists Claim
"It’s been tested and peer-reviewed"
scott morrison wearing a stupid cap
7 Phrases Scott Morrison Learnt From His Empathy Consultant To Make Him Sound Like A Human Being
This week it was revealed that the Morrison government paid $190,000 to receive advice from empathy consultants. The Shovel can
American Drone Was Invaded By Iranian Airspace, US Inquiry Finds
Iranian airspace aggressively invaded the flightpath of a US drone, causing the drone to drift into enemy territory, a US
Israel Folau
Israel Folau Follows In Jesus’ Footsteps By Bankrolling Legal Defense With GoFundMe Page
Quoting the part of Luke’s gospel where Jesus crowdfunded his legal costs to fight the Romans, former Wallabies player Israel
Calls To Increase Skills Funding, After Woman Fails To Hit PM With Egg From 10cm
In yet another sign of the growing skills gap in Australia, an Albury women has failed to hit Scott Morrison