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Boris Johnson
Britain Comforted By Fact That Prime Minister Looks Like He Knows What He’s Doing 
While admitting they are anxious about the uncertain times ahead, the people of Britain say they are reassured by the
ed sheeran
EU Agrees To Brexit Terms, On Proviso Future Ed Sheeran Albums Never Enter Europe
The European Union will allow Britain to leave Europe and keep all the benefits of the common market, provided they never have to
boris johnson
Independent Britain To Open Up All Sorts Of New Opportunities For People Aspiring To Be Prime Minister: Boris Johnson
‘Leave’ campaign leader Boris Johnson says the decision to leave the EU marks a new dawn for people who had always
Britain’s ‘Leave’ Voters Cleverly Deter Migrants By Destroying Economy
Migration laws will no longer need to change under an independent Britain, because no-one will want to go there to