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Labor: “Our Campaign Had Too Many Messages”. Shorten: “I Reject That For The Following 17 Reasons”
The much-anticipated post mortem of the Labor Party’s failed election campaign has found that the campaign was trying to communicate
Shorten Forced To Ad-lib Conversation At Family Breakfast, After Advisor Forgets To Send Through Talking Points
Without a script or even a bullet list of talking points, Labor leader Bill Shorten was this morning forced to
shorten and turnbull
Turnbull & Shorten To Sort Out Differences Over Gorgeous 7-Course Degustation
The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader will settle once and for all who’s more out of touch with mainstream Australians
bill shorten and kevin rudd
Shorten Backs Rudd (Then Gillard, Then Rudd) For Top UN Job
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says when it comes to the contest for UN secretary general, he stands right behind Kevin Rudd. Close
Awkward! Shorten Accidentally Likes Turnbull’s Instagram Photo From A Year Ago
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was today left red-faced after accidentally liking one of Malcolm Turnbull’s Instagram photos from more than
bill shorten medicare
Shorten Asks Advisers Whether He Can Stop Randomly Shouting ‘Medicare!’ Yet
Saying it was starting to get in the way of his day-to-day tasks, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has asked Labor
bill shorten privatise
Coalition Will Privatise Your Children Shorten Warns, In Desperate Last Ditch Scare Campaign
With Labor slipping in the polls, a frantic Bill Shorten today warned voters that Malcolm Turnbull has plans to sell
labor ad
Spokesman In Labor Ad Not An Actor, Australians Shocked To Learn
The man portraying a struggling politician in a series of Labor campaign advertisements is not a paid actor, as was
Shorten Whips Labor Faithful Into Frenzy Of Moderate Excitement
Channeling the inspiring words of Keating and Hawke, just without the charisma, Labor leader Bill Shorten had his party’s faithful
bill shorten satire
Poll Shows 49% Of People Would Vote For Bill Shorten If They Knew Who He Was
Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with a poll today finding that almost half of all Australians would
bill shorten checkout
Lonely Bill Shorten Spends Final Hour Of Supermarket Tour Just Chatting To Self-Checkout Machine
After running out of conversation with humans, Bill Shorten finished up the second day of his three-week tour of supermarkets
shorten writes letter
Bill Shorten Begins Year By Personally Writing To Each Of His Supporters
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten sat down over a coffee this morning to hand-write a personalised note to the dozens of
bill shorten gst
Labor Rules Out Bringing GST In Line With Bill Shorten’s 15% Approval Rating
The Labor Party will not raise the GST to 15% if elected
bill shorten honeymoon
Turnbull’s Popularity Just A 40-Country, Multi-Activity, Extended ‘Round-The-World Honeymoon, Labor Says
The Coalition’s bounce in the polls is nothing more than a honeymoon – one of those honeymoons you sometimes hear
bill shorten invoices
Bill Shorten Invoiced Nation For Imaginary ‘Opposition Leader’ Work, Source Claims
Labor MP Bill Shorten has been accused of issuing dodgy invoices for work that was only partially, or in most