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happy holidays
Hallmark Releases ‘Happy Holidays’ Cards, Just To Fuck With Cory Bernardi
Greeting card company Hallmark has released a range of festive cards that replace the word ‘Christmas’ with ‘Holiday’ just to
doctor patient
Doctor Explains To Sick Kid On Nauru That He Has A Malignant Government
A doctor at an immigration centre in Nauru has quietly told a young refugee on Nauru of the existence of
Pauline hanson in parliament
“It’s Ok To Be White” White Person Tells Other White People In Parliament Run By White People
A leader of a political party has told her parliamentary colleagues to imagine the sort of influence white people could
Morrison Unveils New Fast Train Service
The Morrison Government today unveiled plans for the nation’s first fast train service, which will revolutionise train travel in Australia,
Enquiry Takes 14 Months To Find Banks Motivated By Greed
A Royal Commission has taken 417 days, 9,000 submissions, 27 witness statements and two thousand hours of evidence to come
Peter Dutton Says He Has Numbers To Take ABC Leadership
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton claims to have the support required to be elected managing director of the
Josh Frydenberg
Josh Frydenberg Announces Leadership Challenge, Citing ‘Need For Change’
Announcing plans for a leadership spill today, Deputy Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg said Scott Morrison has not delivered for Australia
A Handy Guide To Understanding Peter Dutton’s Body Language
The Australian people don’t know a lot about their next Prime Minister. So we’ve put together this handy guide to
Politicians Unable To Reduce Personal Emissions
The nation’s politicians continue to emit large volumes of bullsh*t, with rates increasing in recent days according to studies
Dutton Installed With ‘Smile’ Software Upgrade, As Leadership Speculation Grows
In what some say is a sign that Peter Dutton is preparing for a leadership challenge, the Home Affairs Minister
Reef Foundation Finally Reveals How It Will Use $444 Million To Reverse Coral Bleaching
Following weeks of speculation, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation has revealed the complex technique it will use to bring colour
peter dutton mashed potato
Peter Dutton Reveals His Softer Side, As He Positions For Leadership
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has shed his tough exterior to reveal a softer, creamier side, in an intimate interview
fraser anning
Politicians Relieved: Anning’s ‘Final Solution’ Distracts Public From Canberra’s Lack of Actual Solutions
Politicians on both sides of the floor have condemned Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech as a racist, dog-whistling, un-Australian diatribe
barnaby book
Barnaby Releases Book, Podcast Series, TV Show And Live Tour In Desperate Bid For Privacy
Reminding customers that his new tell-all book is available in all good bookstores, former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce made a
An Apology From Sky News Regarding Their Interview With Blair Cottrell
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