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“How Could We Have Known At The Time That Relentlessly Booing An Aboriginal Man Because He Spoke Up On Indigenous Issues Was Racist?”
“We’re all experts now aren’t we. Sure, four years on, it’s easy to see that relentlessly booing an Aboriginal man
Ashes 2019
England Confirms It Received Coaching Assistance From Bill Shorten, To Get Advice On How To Fuck Up An Unassailable Lead 
England cricket coach Trevor Bayliss says his team turned to former Labor leader Bill Shorten at tea on the first
Liberal Party Doesn’t Have Any Goddamn Fucking Issues With Bullying
There is no issue with bullying in the Liberal Party and if you can’t see that then don’t expect to
New MasterChef Challenge Gives Contestants 60 Minutes To Prepare Beautifully-Constructed Illegal Wage Payment Scheme
In a new twist on Australia’s favourite cooking competition, MasterChef contestants will have exactly one hour to cook up the
Government To Fight For Australians’ Right To Say Whatever They Want Unless It’s About Anzac Day
The Coalition says it is passionate about defending Australians’ right to express their opinions about absolutely anything at all (except
NBN Still On Track For 2016 Completion, Government Says
Australia’s fast broadband network will be available to all homes by three years ago, Scott Morrison confirmed today
Israel Folau Forced To Use Innovative New Service ‘GoFundYourself’
Funding for the legal action Israel Folau himself initiated, to defend the bigoted statement he himself chose to post, has
Australians Who Have Had A Go Will Receive Their Go In The Mail By Next Month, Government Reassures Impatient Public
Scott Morrison says the government will ‘absolutely’ deliver its flagship policy from last month’s election campaign, assuring any Australian who
Climate Change Put On Hold Until Next Election
Global warming has been shelved until at least the next federal election, the Coalition announced today
Australia Elects Coalition, Excitedly Waits To See What Its Policies Will Be
Saying it was like waiting to open presents on Christmas morning, Australians across the country were today eagerly waiting to
Nation Re-Elects Man Who Took A Piece Of Fucking Coal Into Parliament 
Australia has decided that the best man to lead the country is a man who took an actual pet rock
Australians To Continue To Pronounce ‘Brian Taylor’ As ‘Dickhead’
AFL fans across the country say they won’t be changing the way they say commentator Brian Taylor’s name, despite the
Pauline Hanson ACA
Pauline Hanson Can’t Believe How Unlucky She Is To Keep Choosing Fucking Idiots As Candidates
A tearful Pauline Hanson has told A Current Affair that choosing a bankrupt, a crazy conspiracy theorist, a homophobe, a
Scott Morrison Assembles Media To Announce That He Won’t Be Campaigning Today
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has gathered media together in a regular Sydney pub to announce that – out of respect
Dutton: “I Manage To Live In My Electorate, Even Though I’m Missing My Soul” 
Home Affairs Minister Dutton has continued his attack on opponent Ali France, saying he had no problems finding a place