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George Christensen
Nation Rushes To Get Counselling After Imagining George Christensen In A Strip Club 
Millions of Australians have asked for psychological assistance after being presented with the mental image of the member for Dawson
John Howard Gives Prince Andrew Advice On How To Provide Support To Paedophiles
John Howard has come to the aid of Prince Andrew, with the former PM saying he has plenty of experience
Israel Folau’s Embarrassing AFL Career Was Caused By Same Sex Marriage, Israel Folau Claims
Israel Folau’s disastrous year playing for the Greater Western Sydney Giants In 2011 was caused by the government’s legalisation of
Tissue In Your Washing This Morning Due To Same Sex Marriage, Israel Folau Claims
A tissue which was left in your washing machine and then dispersed throughout the entire load was caused by the
scott morrison climate change
Morrison Responds Bushfires By Increasing Franking Credits
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has responded decisively to the increasing frequency and severity of bushfires in Australia, promising not to
horse dog food
New Premium Pet Food Range Made From Only The Finest Former Melbourne Cup Winners 
An exclusive new pet food range catering to the top end of the market will be made solely from previous
god doesn't care
God Doesn’t Give A Fuck Who Gets Married
The Almighty Father couldn’t give two shits which humans want to sign a piece of paper outlining their commitment to
The Shovel & The Chaser Quarterly Present: ‘The War on 2019 – LIVE’
After a sold-out national tour last year, The Chaser Quarterly and The Shovel once again join forces to bring you The
Both GWS Fans Descend On MCG For Prelim Final
GWS Giants fans have swamped Melbourne ahead of Saturday’s clash with Collingwood, with both saying they are hopeful of a
Scott Morrison Calls For Newstart Recipients To Provide Vial Of Blood, To Prove How Much They’re Willing To Bleed For This Country
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for new measures that would require welfare recipients to provide a sample of their
60 Minutes Reveals Shocking Royal Abuse Scandal (And No, It’s Not Prince Andrew Sexually Assaulting A Minor)
Viewers who expected 60 Minutes Australia’s program about royal ‘scandal’ and ‘abuse’ to be about a prince accused of raping
Indigenous Leaders Tell Pauline Hanson That Quitting Politics Would Be Disrespectful To Indigenous Australians. She Finishes Up Tomorrow.
Pauline Hanson has been told that quitting politics and going to live in a remote cave would be disrespectful to
2GB Gives Alan Jones 38th Final Warning
Sydney radio station 2GB has told Alan Jones if he makes one more derogatory comment about women he will be
Scott Morrison
“Pacific Nations Should Worry About Economic Growth Rather Than Fixating On Side Issues Like Being Totally Submerged Under The Ocean”: Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Pacific Island nations should stop being distracted by trivial issues like losing everything they’ve
Alan Jones
Jones Says He Was Misinterpreted. “I Meant To Say I Am Threatened By Powerful Women And I’m Terrified That They May Be Smarter Than Me”
Sydney radio host Alan Jones says his comment that New Zealand Prime Minister should ‘have a sock shoved down her