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Security guards at Melbourne’s quarantine hotels say they will take situation seriously from now on and wear appropriate protection when having sex with guests
Security contractors responsibly for guarding Melbourne’s quarantine hotels have apologised for not following proper protocols, and have committed to wearing
Man Upset That Statue He Never Knew Existed Has Been Pulled Down
Office worker Jim Randle says he is devastated that a statute he became aware of this morning is no longer
Labor MP Adem Somyurek resigns to spend more time with his family members (most of whom are fake)
Disgraced Victorian Labor minister Adem Somyurek has stood down from his role, saying he wants to spend more time with
Woman Changes Name To ‘Ruby Princess’ So She Can Do Whatever The Fuck She Wants
A Sydney woman is going on a three-day bender this weekend after changing her name from Jenny Warren to Ruby
Kerry Stokes Discovers Cure For Coronavirus: Shit-Tonnes Of Money
In a stunning new finding, billionaire media mogul Kerry Stokes has discovered that having enormous amounts of wealth protects you
Pete Evans Dies After Accidentally Ingesting His Own Bullshit
"The sheer quantity of it was overwhelming"
Nation Grateful That At Least We Have Fast Internet
As millions of people begin working from home, Australians have remembered how lucky they are to have a fast, reliable
Bettina Arndt Gives Back Order Of Australia After Realising She Is Denying A More-Deserving Man
Social commentator and men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt has voluntarily handed in her AO, after someone pointed out that, by
Morrison Calls For Royal Commission Into Shape Of Earth
Saying it was important to hear all sides of the story, PM Scott Morrison has announced a Royal Commission to
George Calombaris Receives Emergency Government Assistance After Renaming His Restaurant ‘The Toorak Croquet & Duck Shooting Club’
George Calombaris’s restaurant empire has avoided going into receivership after being allocated a $10 million Federal Government grant to upgrade
Tanya Plibersek Calls For Australian School Children To Recite Key Research Outcomes From Labor Party Focus Groups
Saying Australians had lost touch with the key drivers influencing the 55-79 year-old outer-suburban voting demographic, Labor minister Tanya Plibersek
“Grants Were Allocated Fairly”, Bridget McKenzie Says From Her Personal, Custom-Built Gymnasium And Swimming Complex 
The controversial sports grant program that critics claim was unfairly allocated, was totally above board, Bridget McKenzie has told journalists
NSW Fires Rebranded As ‘Strawberry Contamination’, In Hope Of Encouraging Scott Morrison To Take More Urgent Action
NSW fire chiefs have made the difficult decision to rename the bushfire crisis engulfing the state as a ‘strawberry contamination’,
PM’s Office Confirms Scott Morrison Will Return From The Holiday He Didn’t Take
Scott Morrison will be on the next flight back from the holiday he didn’t take, his office has confirmed
angus taylor satire
Angus Taylor Says He Knows For Certain Naomi Wolf Was At Oxford In 1991 Because He Had A Medical Condition Which Meant He Couldn’t Sweat 
Embattled energy minister Angus Taylor says he knows for certain writer Naomi Wolf was at Oxford in 1991 because he