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polo shirt
Ralph Lauren Polo Logo To Be Replaced With Actual Bag Of Money
Ralph Lauren’s classic polo shirt will be updated this season with the oversized man-on-a-horse-with-a-stick logo to be replaced with a
james packer satire
Fat, Ugly Rich Guy Makes Unexpected Appearance In Teenage Boy’s Fantasy
A complex fantasy about lingerie model Miranda Kerr, which teenager Sam Daw has been developing for several weeks, took a
Ashes 2013 satire
Being Shit At Cricket Again ‘Like Putting On An Old, Warm Jumper’ English Fans Say
England fans say being 537 runs behind after three days of play feels better than they expected
Kevin Rudd satire
Man With 40 Aliases Found Wandering, Confused, Along Canberra Street
A man who was found wandering dazed, confused and highly agitated in the Parliamentary district of Canberra has been identified
cricket satire
Now Australian Dressing Room Offended
The Australian cricket Dressing Room says it is offended by statements made by Ricky Ponting, in which the former captain
Motoring Enthusiast Party satire
Headline Writers ‘Fuming’ Now That Motoring Enthusiast Party Following Palmer
When the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party announced its alliance with Clive Palmer last week, it wasn’t just a case of
Tony Abbott satire
Putin And Abbott Bond Over Bare-Chested Tiger Wrestling
Any animosity between Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Russian President Vladimir Putin at yesterday’s APEC meetings was put to
Clive Palmer satire
Clive Palmer Announces Plans To Build A Parallel Universe Where People Take Him Seriously
Mining billionaire and aspiring politician Clive Palmer today revealed plans for his most ambitious building project yet. Dubbed “The Universe
kevin rudd satire
Annoying Nerdy Guy Still Hanging Around At House Party
A group of friends was tonight wondering how the hell they were going to get rid of that really annoying,
Tony Abbott satire
Photos Of Candidate’s Daughters To Be Included On Ballot Papers
In an effort to make the voting process more straightforward, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will include pictures of each
Malcolm Turnbull satire
Malcolm Turnbull To Be Sold To Fund Coalition Promises
Australia’s most popular politician, Malcolm Turnbull, will be auctioned off to help fund the Coalition’s spending and savings promises, it
Australian 2013 election satire
Coalition Costings To Be Presented In Picture-Book Format
Opposition Treasury Spokesman Joe Hockey will release the final details of the Coalition’s policy costings in a beautifully illustrated picture
Tony Abbott satire
Liberal Strategists Frantically Trying To Remember How To Stop Tony Abbott Talking
Senior figures in the Liberal Party are searching through old manuals and revisiting how-to guides, to help them remember how
Kevin Rudd satire
Queenslanders Urged To Leave Immediately
Australian families living in Queensland have been told to leave the state as soon as possible, after credible reports were
One Nation satire
Islam’s Prime Minister Hits Back At One Nation
The Prime Minister of Islam has defended his country’s views and launched an attack of his own, in response to