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Lomborg Consensus Centre
Government Invests $4mil To Reduce Long-Term Impact Of Climate Debate
The Federal Government says its $4 million investment in the Bjorn Lomborg Consensus Centre at the University of Western Australia
PETA advertising
Model In PETA Advertisement Hasn’t Been Shorn In 5 Years
The controversy surrounding an advertisement from animal rights activists PETA, has shifted from whether the fake sheep has been shorn
Camp Gallipoli
Camp Gallipoli™ v The Original Gallipoli: Can You Spot The 9 Differences?
This year’s Camp Gallipoli does a pretty good job of replicating the original Gallipoli event of 1915. But take a
fresh in our memories woolworths
Woolworths Launches New Campaign To Commemorate Fallen Members Of Marketing Department
Supermarket chain Woolworths has followed up its much talked about ANZAC promotion with a moving new campaign that honours the
Western Australia Threatens To Secede From Rest Of Reality
The Western Australian Liberal party says its state may withdraw entirely from the real world if it doesn’t get a
tony abbott
Top Gear Names New Slightly Unhinged, Gaffe-Prone Bully As Replacement For Jeremy Clarkson
The Australian Prime Minister is the new host of the BBC’s much-loved motoring program Top Gear
Tony Abbott 8 flags
Tony Abbott Has Full Support Of Australia’s Flags
Australia’s flags came out in a show of support for embattled Prime Minister Tony Abbott today
Australia's foreign policy
Julie Bishop’s Entire Foreign Policy Strategy Accidently Leaked
In an embarrassing blunder for the Government, a document containing an in-depth description of the nation’s foreign policy approach was
gillian triggs
Children In Detention Spending Free Time Debating Whether Gillian Triggs Is Politically Biased Or Not
Locked behind bars, and locked in conversation, the 200 or so children being held in Australia’s off-shore detention centres have
Australian flag
Abbott Announces Plans To Cover Australia With Giant Flag
Citing the increasing threat of terrorism, Prime Minister Tony Abbott today announced sweeping national security changes that would see the
Tony Abbott
Ministers Rally Around Prime Minister After ‘Fanciful’ Iraq Surge Claims
Senior Government Ministers have come forward to support Tony Abbott following a leaked report which claimed the PM had asked
tony abbott
Abbott Determined To Get On With Serious Business Of Saying ‘Death Cult’
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will not be distracted by leadership speculation or policy development and is firmly focused
tony abbott diary
A Challenging Week: The Tony Abbott Diaries
It was a near-death experience for Tony Abbott this week. But how did the man himself see it unfold? We
bill shorten
Bill Shorten Slams ‘Incompetent’ Government For Failing ‘Basic Task’ Of Unseating A Prime Minister
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ridiculed the Coalition Government, saying its inability to carry out the simple job of unseating
arthur sinodinos
Arthur Sinodinos Says He ‘Can’t Recall’ Whether He Supports Abbott Or Not
Former Government Minister and Howard advisor Arthur Sinodinos says the Prime Minister may or may not have his backing, but