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“It’s not corruption if you fuck it up,” says Matthew Guy
"We simply don't have the talent to pull something like this off"
peter dutton mashed potato
Peter Dutton reveals his softer side, in preparation for leadership role
"You need to look beyond the thick, fibre-rich skin"
There’s an unwanted bulldozer for sale on Gumtree if you’re interested
"Doesn't work"
Woman relieved she’ll finally be able to drain her super to help increase house prices
"I’m just pleased there’s a party out there that will give me an opportunity to fuck up my future while contributing to the nation’s housing affordability crisis”
How white is the Great Barrier Reef? We’ve made a handy scale
There’s been a lot of talk recently about the continued whitening of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. But how white are
Dutton says new Australian Space Force will search galaxy for unauthorised boats
"We can't afford to drop our guard"
Australian tanks and submarines to help hold Ukraine border in 2052
"We'll be there on the front lines. In As soon as our tanks are ready".
“We should stop discriminating against religious groups and let them pay the same amount of tax as everyone else”
"No-one should be treated differently just because of their religious beliefs"
Michaelia Cash confirms “No time for Federal ICAC, what with all the scandals!”
"We're absolutely flat out"
PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING: If you are in the Mornington Peninsula, please cancel your bikini wax appointment immediately. Scott Morrison is in the area.
We have reason to believe he may be seeking other photo opportunities in the area
Government deports itself for stoking anti-vax sentiment
"The Government is a risk to civil order and public health"
Morrison confirms order of 10 million RATs, encourages other Australian families to do the same
"This should give Australians reassurance that I have what I need"
Innovative new shopping service allows customers to send Christmas gifts directly to landfill
"Cut out the middle man"
Police urge residents not to visit ‘seedy, unsafe’ district of Canberra
"We're advising people to avoid the area"
Scott Morrison shows he’s just an ordinary bloke by getting hair cut in front of 50-person camera crew
"It was just a spur of the moment carefully orchestrated thing”