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polo shirt
Ralph Lauren Polo Logo To Be Replaced With Actual Bag Of Money
Ralph Lauren’s classic polo shirt will be updated this season with the oversized man-on-a-horse-with-a-stick logo to be replaced with a
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Man Forced To Watch Concert With His Own Eyes
A thirty-eight year old man from Brisbane was left with no alternative but to watch an entire concert with his
james packer satire
Fat, Ugly Rich Guy Makes Unexpected Appearance In Teenage Boy’s Fantasy
A complex fantasy about lingerie model Miranda Kerr, which teenager Sam Daw has been developing for several weeks, took a
Australian spy satire
Next James Bond Movie To Just Be A Couple Of IT Guys Going Through A PowerPoint Presentation
Sony Pictures has given spy fans a taste of what to expect in the next instalment of the James Bond
Miley Cyrus satire
Humanity Accepts That It’s Probably Going To Have To Give Miley Cyrus Some Attention Soon
Miley Cyrus is one, maybe two, outrageous performances away from getting us to look up from what we’re doing, it
Study Tour Required To Confirm To What Extent Greek Islands Affected By GFC: Barnaby Joyce
Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says he will undertake a long and careful analysis of the impact of the economic crisis
the bachelor
Amazing! 25 Women Simultaneously Fall In Love With The Same Man
In a bizarre coincidence, twenty-five young women all fell in love with the same man this week, despite never having
Kevin Rudd satire
Change In Strategy: Rudd To Target Adults
Halfway through the campaign and with the polls pointing to a Coalition victory, Kevin Rudd is contemplating a significant change
Shane warne satire
Fading Genius: Warne Can No Longer Squeeze His Face Into A Glass
The man who could once bowl a batsman through his legs and turn a ball three feet on a flat
Abbott Rudd satire
Federal Election To Be Replaced By Boat-Stopping Competition
Australia’s upcoming Federal election is to be scrapped and replaced by a boat-stopping competition, it has been revealed
Myer DJs boycott
Confusion As Woman Can’t Remember Whether She Boycotted Myer Or David Jones
Earlier this month Susan Greenberg angrily declared to friends that she would “never shop at that department store again!” Now,
Gina Rinehart’s 5 Easy Steps To Becoming Rich
1. Make sure your dad is really wealthy Do whatever you have to do to be born into enormous wealth