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tony abbott new electorate
Government Starts Search For New Electorate
The Coalition will today start the painstaking search for a fresh electorate, after it became apparent the current one had
border force
Border Force Concedes ‘Operation Fortitude’ Press Release Accidentally Sent From 1938
Australian Border Force commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg has conceded that the initial press release announcing Operation Fortitude was a “clumsily translated” statement accidentally sent
English Guy At Work About To Become Unbearable
The English guy at your work is about to become unbearable, it has been revealed. England is suddenly good at
bill shorten bribes
Labor Announces Point Of Difference With Fairer Bribing System Aimed At Low-Income Criminals
In a policy announcement designed to provide voters with a distinct choice at the next election, The Labor Party today
bill shorten missing
Bill Shorten ‘May Still Be Alive’ Search Crews Say
Search and rescue teams across the country are still holding out hope that they will find Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
prince george and princess charlotte
Prince George Not Sharing His Kingdom With Charlotte
Prince George is refusing to let his new sister play with his Kingdom, it has emerged
pizza hut
New Pizza Hut Meal Comes With Syringe To Inject Food Directly Into Arteries
Fast food chain Pizza Hut has launched a new range of pizzas that include eight Four‘N Twenty party pies and
tony abbott parental leave
All Parental Leave Must Be Personally Approved By Tony Abbott
Working mothers will need to have their maternity leave forms signed by Tony Abbott before going off to have a
Bill Shorten
Bill Shorten Waiting For Perfect Moment To Start Role As Opposition Leader
Labor front man Bill Shorten will use the element of surprise as his main weapon against the Coalition Government, party
joe hockey
Hockey Postpones Budget Emergency Until Next Labor Government
The Budget Emergency that has wreaked havoc on the Australian economy over the past eight years has been put on
budget papers 2015
The Words ‘Fair’ And ‘Headwinds’ Biggest Winners From 2015 Budget
The words ‘fair’, ‘family’ and ‘headwinds’ are set to enjoy a 200% usage boost over the next three months thanks
bill and tanya
Labor Narrowly Avoids Developing Policy
The Opposition last week came within a whisker of developing a plan for the future, it has been revealed
boycott bali
“We’re Only Holidaying In Countries That Have Banned Capital Punishment, And America,” Say Angry Australians
An increasing number of Australian holiday-makers say they will boycott all non-American capital punishment nations
stop the boats movie
Travelling To Australia Is A Bit Treacherous, Says Movie Targeted At People Living In War Zones
A multi-million dollar movie funded by the Australian Government will point out to people facing imminent attack from the Taliban and
Julie Bishop working with children
Julie Bishop Uses Lull In Question Time To Fill Out Working With Children Application
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was spotted busily filling out her ‘Working With Children Check’ application form today, during a lull