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Australian Tourist Asks If Hong Kong Protesters Could Please Hold Off On Fight For Democracy Until After His Holiday Is Over
Saying it was a worthy cause but one that could just as easily take place after his flight home next
malcolm turnbull cabinet
Turnbull Unveils New Cabinet (Ming Dynasty, Circa 1600)
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull provided a sneak peek of his new cabinet to journalists today – a beautifully restored antiquity
donald trump
Donald Trump Vows To Abolish Periods If Elected President
Menstruation will be scrapped under a Trump administration
tony abbott parental leave
All Parental Leave Must Be Personally Approved By Tony Abbott
Working mothers will need to have their maternity leave forms signed by Tony Abbott before going off to have a
gmail and hotmail metadata
New Metadata Laws Force Local Terrorists To Use Obscure Offshore Communication Systems
The net has further tightened around Australia’s terrorist cells, with new metadata laws likely to force them onto obscure offshore
parliament house
People Caught Entering Parliament House With Their Agendas Hidden
A special investigation has revealed serious security breaches at Parliament House in Canberra, with evidence to suggest people have regularly
police satire
Presumption Of Innocence caught associating with Legal System on the Gold Coast
One of the leading members of the ‘Fundamentals of Law’ gang – Presumption of Innocence – and his close friend
malcolm turnbull satire
NBN To Be Powered Entirely By Malcolm Turnbull’s Popularity
The Government today announced that it would cut all funding to the national broadband rollout and instead power the network
kuta beach indonesia
Indonesia To Shut Down Bali
Bali will be packed up and put away in a very high, hard to find cupboard, until Australia can learn