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fiona nash satire
Fiona Nash Says She’s Had A Glass-And-A-Half Full™ Of Conflict Of Interest Accusations
Describing the situation as nothing more than a “media Picnic™”, Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash has angrily denied claims her
Paul Keating satire
Paul Keating Almost Certainly The Best, Most Humble Prime Minister Ever, Says Paul Keating
Most of the significant human achievements of the past fifty years were the brainchild of Paul Keating, Paul Keating has
Pyne satire
Tony Abbott Denies His Government Ever Promised To Be Adults
Tony Abbott this morning said that neither he, nor his colleagues, ever claimed to be adults and that any suggestions
Tony Abbott satire
New Science Discoveries To Be Taken To Manus Island For Processing
Any Science found trying to enter Australian institutions would be held in detention on Manus Island before being permanently removed,
political expenses
Australians Instructed To Use The Term “Illegal Aeronautical Arrivals”
Australians have been told they will now need to refer to trips taken by politicians to visit investment properties or
George Brandis Bookshelf
George Brandis’ Bookshelf To Be Used To House Asylum Seekers
The very real prospect of Attorney-General George Brandis’ enormous bookshelf going to waste has been averted, with the Coalition today
Slumber party
China Uncertain Who To Invite To Sleepover, Now That Australia Is Best Friends With Japan
The news that Australia is now best friends with Japan has thrown a spanner in the works for China’s slumber
Study Tour Required To Confirm To What Extent Greek Islands Affected By GFC: Barnaby Joyce
Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says he will undertake a long and careful analysis of the impact of the economic crisis
Australian 2013 election satire
Coalition Costings To Be Presented In Picture-Book Format
Opposition Treasury Spokesman Joe Hockey will release the final details of the Coalition’s policy costings in a beautifully illustrated picture
The Shovel Australian satire
Malcolm Turnbull Launches New Logo For Coalition’s Broadband Policy
Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull today launched the new logo for the Coalition’s broadband plan, during a captivating overhead projector
clive palmer satire
Clive Palmer’s Plans To Build 160 Mechanical Dinosaurs Probably The Most Normal Announcement By An Australian Politician This Week
While Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd were this week trying to outdo each other with increasingly ridiculous ways to scare
Abbott Rudd satire
Federal Election To Be Replaced By Boat-Stopping Competition
Australia’s upcoming Federal election is to be scrapped and replaced by a boat-stopping competition, it has been revealed
Kevin Rudd satire
“This Guy Behind Me Is The Guy I Turn To When I Need A Second Opinion Or A Broader Perspective”
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd introduced his chief policy advisor and most-trusted confidant to journalists today, during a press conference
Edward Snowden satire
Rudd Offers Edward Snowden Asylum, On The Condition He Stop Stealing Australian Media Coverage
Prime Minster Kevin Rudd says he would consider offering US fugitive Edward Snowden asylum in Australia, if he would just
457 visa
“Federal Labor Candidate” Added To 457 Visa Skills Shortage List
The list of jobs available to foreigners under the specialist 457 visa will be extended to include ‘Federal Labor Candidate’,