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bill shorten
Nation Surprised To Discover Opposition Leader
Australia has an Opposition Leader, it has emerged. The man, who functions in much the same way as other humans,
Joe hockey poor people scrapped
Poor People Scrapped
Australia’s poor will be abolished, as part of wide-ranging cuts announced in last night’s Federal budget
tony abbott to scrap income tax
Abbott Announces Plans To Scrap Income Tax*
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott today laid out plans to remove all income tax, an extraordinary move which could save
tony abbott to shoot his way out of budget emergency
Abbott To Shoot His Way Out Of Budget Emergency
Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey will use fifty-eight F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to fend off the threat of a Budget
barry o farrell back at work
Barry O’Farrell Back To Work Already
Saying he’d certainly remember if he’d resigned as NSW Premier the day before, Barry O’Farrell arrived at his office in
Bob Carr Just Grateful To Have Been Able To Work With Bob Carr
In his diary-style book to be released later this month, former Foreign Minister Bob Carr says the opportunity to work
Arthur Sinodinos can't recall whether he left stove on
Arthur Sinodinos Can’t Recall Whether He Left Stove On
Former Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos can’t for the life of him remember if he switched off the stove before leaving
bigot satire
Bigots Relieved To Have Clarity On Rights
Racists, misogynists and narrow-minded fanatics around Australia will go back to being assholes after a period of uncertainty about their
fiona nash satire
Fiona Nash Says She’s Had A Glass-And-A-Half Full™ Of Conflict Of Interest Accusations
Describing the situation as nothing more than a “media Picnic™”, Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash has angrily denied claims her
Cory Bernardi satire
Jesus Wondering Whether He Should Tell Cory Bernardi About The Whole Joseph Thing
Christian figurehead Jesus Christ was today wondering whether he should tell Senator Cory Bernardi about the fact he was brought
Tony Abbott satire
New Science Discoveries To Be Taken To Manus Island For Processing
Any Science found trying to enter Australian institutions would be held in detention on Manus Island before being permanently removed,
Lou Reed
Greg Hunt Pays Tribute To Lou Reed, “One Of The Greatest Basketballers Of Our Time”
Environment Minister Greg Hunt released a statement this morning, praising the career of the late Lou Reed, who died at
George Brandis Bookshelf
George Brandis’ Bookshelf To Be Used To House Asylum Seekers
The very real prospect of Attorney-General George Brandis’ enormous bookshelf going to waste has been averted, with the Coalition today
Sophie Mirabella satire
Attending Sophie Mirabella’s Wedding DEFINITELY Work, Experts Say
Experts from the Finance Department say Prime Minister Tony Abbott was right to claim flights to Sophie Mirabella’s wedding as
Tony Abbott satire
Photos Of Candidate’s Daughters To Be Included On Ballot Papers
In an effort to make the voting process more straightforward, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will include pictures of each