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turnbull and morrison
Forthcoming Recession To Provide Welcome Respite From Labor’s Economic Emergency
The recession that many believe will hit Australia within the next few years is a sign the economy is slowly
joe hockey washington
Hockey To Balance Dual Tasks Of US Ambassadorship And Finalising 2014 Budget
Former Treasurer Joe Hockey says he is confident he can manage the day-to-day tasks of his new US ambassador role
cory bernardi asylum seekers
Allowing Syrian Refugees A “Slippery Slope” Toward Letting In Polygamous Animal Refugees: Bernardi
Coalition senator Cory Bernardi says that by allowing Syrian refugees entry into the country, Australia will be sending a message to
cory bernardi halal
Halal Linked To Terrorism By Complex Series Of Imaginary Connections In Cory Bernardi’s Head, Enquiry Finds
Money raised from halal certification passes through a network of intricate pathways in South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi’s brain, before
bill shorten personality
Shorten Relieved It’s No Longer A Contest Of Personalities
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is massively relieved that the next election will not be contested on the basis of personality
bill shorten royal commission
Bill Shorten Failed To Disclose He Was Opposition Leader, Royal Commission Finds
Labor figure Bill Shorten is Australia’s Opposition Leader, the Royal Commission into trade unions has uncovered
peter dutton people smuggler
We’ll Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Smash Existing People Smuggling Syndicate, Says New People Smuggling Syndicate
Evidence is emerging that a powerful new people smuggling syndicate, possibly based in Canberra, is gaining influence in the hotly-contested
peter dutton
Citizenship To Be Replaced With Letter Of Commendation From Peter Dutton
Australians will need to get a personal recommendation from Immigration minister Peter Dutton if they want to keep living in
bill shorten dream
Shorten Captures Imagination Of Nation In Rousing Budget Reply Dream
Bill Shorten set parliament – and Australian living rooms – alight last night in a captivating dream at his Canberra
maurice newman
Maurice Newman Is A Hoax, Sources Confirm
Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor Maurice Newman is an elaborate prank, it has been revealed
coal is the future of humanity
Abbott To Present Royal Baby With Australia’s Very Best Piece Of Coal
Australia’s official gift to the new-born daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be the nation’s most beautiful
joe hockey budget
Hockey Meets With Cabinet To Start Developing Next Year’s Budget Backdowns
Treasurer Joe Hockey met with senior ministers today to start formulating the key 2015 budgetary measures that will be humiliatingly
malcolm turnbull wine
Malcolm Turnbull Downs A Glass Of 1998 Bordeaux In Under 26 Minutes
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shown his lighter side, finishing a glass of limited release Bordeaux and a bowl of
Tony abbott crying
Little Boy Not Giving Victoria Its Funding Back Until They Let Him Play With His Cars
A fifty-seven year-old little boy says he will keep Victoria’s transport funding locked up in a secret box underneath his
tony abbott
Tony Abbott “Sick And Tired” Of Being Held To First World Standards
The Prime Minister is totally fed up with being bullied into meeting the expectations of morally-developed nations