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peter dutton defamed
“We Can No Longer Turn A Blind Eye To The Abuse That I Am Experiencing”: Dutton
Saying he would ‘not be defamed’, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton this morning told the ABC that it is time for
Kevin Rudd UN
World Preparing For Massive Outbreak Of Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd has left Australia and is quickly spreading to other parts of the globe, scientists have warned
Malcolm Turnbull stable government
Finally, Stability
Australia at last has a strong, stable and secure Government that can act as a steady hand for the next three
pauline hanson royal commission
10 Other Things Pauline Hanson Should Call For A Royal Commission Into
One Nation Leader and likely new senator Pauline Hanson has wasted no time in reminding Australians of what we’ve been
election sausage sizzle
Bunnings Announces Hostile Takeover Bid For All 8,000 Polling Booths To Regain Control Of Sausage Sizzle Market
Wesfarmers, parent company of Bunnings, today launched an audacious attempt to take control of all 8,390 polling booths in Australia,
Bill Shorten To Scrap Entire GST System To Avoid Having To Talk About Tampons
Australia will not have a goods and services tax if a Labor Government is elected, following Bill Shorten’s pledge to dismantle the system
bill shorten satire
Poll Shows 49% Of People Would Vote For Bill Shorten If They Knew Who He Was
Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with a poll today finding that almost half of all Australians would
peter dutton satire
Illiterate Man Takes Australian Job
A man who can hardly string a sentence together let alone read, has secured one of the top jobs in
turnbull and morrison jobs
10,000 New Job Slogans Created Last Month
New figures show the Turnbull Government is delivering on its promise of getting more jobs into soundbites, with over three hundred job slogans
sophie mirabella the shovel
Mirabella Reveals: “Even Voters Are Against Me”
Following her allegation that the Liberal Party is trying to undermine her, Sophie Mirabella now claims that voters may be
peter dutton asylum seeker
Asylum Seekers Told They Will Live With Peter Dutton, In Final Push To Deter Boats
If you come to Australia by boat, you will be forced to live in Peter Dutton’s spare bedroom. That’s the
helicopter turnbull
Australia Needs To Live Within Its Means, Turnbull Declares From Charter Helicopter
The Coalition is the party of economic responsibility, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shouted to journalists above the roar of the rotor
New Senate Ballot Paper To Double As Massive Sudoku
Voters at the upcoming Federal election will now be given the choice of placing a ‘1’ above the line, or
Abbott thinks for himself
“I Think For Myself” Credlin Tells Abbott To Say
“I am my own man and I make my own decisions,” a set of talking points written by Peta Credlin
The Shove's week in 60 seconds
The Week In 60 Seconds
Here’s what happened this week …