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federal icac
Bipartisan Support – Chinese Agree To Fund Federal ICAC
Concerns about the potential cost of running a federal anti corruption commission were quelled today, after Chinese business and government
scott morrison drugs
Scott Morrison Says He Will Start Searching Sewage For Drugs, In Worrying Sign His Addiction Is Spiralling Out Of Control
Members on both signs of Parliament have expressed deep concern for just how bad Scott Morrison’s drug addiction problem has
Dutton: “I Have What It Takes To One Day Get Dumped As PM”
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says he has the skills and the fleeting support within his party needed to rise to
mark latham
Mark Latham To Take Up New Position Shouting At Random People On Street
Sacked from his job at Sky News, but positive about the future, Mark Latham says he will take up a
Malcolm Turnbull Trump
Liberal Donor Insists He Has No Influence On Party Policy
A businessman who donated $1.75 million to the Liberal Party has dismissed concerns of undue influence, saying he has absolutely
iberal party 18C
New Expenses Algorithm Just Assumes All Government Ministers Are Misusing Entitlements
Every minister in the federal government has been sent a letter saying they need to pay back thousands of dollars
sussan ley
Sussan Ley Nips Down To Shops To Buy Milk, Spontaneously Buys Shop As Well
Health Minister Sussan Ley has impulse-purchased a shop, on a trip to the shops today
turnbull leather jacket
Malcolm Turnbull’s Leather Jacket Pens Heartfelt Plea For Freedom
In a rare break from its characteristic silence, Malcolm Turnbull’s leather jacket has written an open letter to the Prime
With Backpacker Tax Passed, Turnbull Considering Following John Key And Going Out On Top Of His Game
Saying there is nothing left for him to achieve in politics after the safe passage of the backpacker tax through
Trump Releases Statement Distancing Himself From Cory Bernardi Endorsement
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has moved swiftly to remove the stench created by Australian Senator Cory Bernardi’s endorsement, saying he
Malcolm Turnbull power
Turnbull Advises South Australians To Cut Deal With Right Wing Of Liberal Party “It’s The Quickest Way To Get Power”
With huge storms causing blackouts across the state, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has provided some handy advice for South Australians
Hanson Recycles Entire 1996 Speech, Greens STILL Not Impressed
The Greens walked out on Pauline Hanson’s senate speech yesterday, even though she pretty-much created the whole thing from re-used
south china sea
China To Exit South China Sea, After Linchpin Stands Down
Saying they no longer had the support of people in powerful places, the Chinese Government have announced that they will
george brandis diary
“I Can’t Find The Key To My Diary” George Brandis Claims
Labor’s hopes that it will finally be able to read the contents of Senator George Brandis’s diary have been dashed, after Mr
Hanson Abbott
PM Agrees To Give Nation Sick Day On Monday To Recover From Watching Abbott/Hanson Video
Malcolm Turnbull has suggested all Australians spend a day resting up on Monday, to ensure that the nausea caused by