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Tim Wilson Confirms That Election Ballot Paper Will Now Contain Option To Donate To Liberal Party
Voters in the upcoming election will have the option to donate to the Liberal Party when they fill in their
Australians Who Don’t Have Fun On Australia Day To Be Fined, Morrison Says
Australians who are caught not revelling in the delight of Australia’s national day will receive a $149 on-the-spot fine, the
scott morrison muppet
Man Who Called Scott Morrison A ‘Fucking Muppet’ Fined $500 For Offending Muppets
Police have fined a New South Wales man $500 for using language that was deemed derogatory towards Muppets. He compared
“I’m Just A Regular, Fair Dinkum, Dinky Di, True Blue Aussie Bloke”: A Personal Message From Scott Morrison
G’day, Scott Morrison here, your new PM. I’m getting in touch today because I want to tell you something really
“I Rarely Think About The Leadership Coup Against Me 1,946 Days Ago,” Rudd Says At Launch Of 600-Page Memoir
Launching the 300,000-word second instalment of his political memoirs, former PM Kevin Rudd said he has hardly given a second
scott morrison coal
Sad, Dejected Scott Morrison Asks Pet Piece Of Coal Why Wentworth Voters Deserted Him
Gently stroking the top of its little head, Prime Minister Scott Morrison this morning looked down at his pet coal,
Government Accidentally Reintroduces White Australia Policy
In what is turning out to be a farcical week for the Government, the Coalition has accidentally reintroduced the White
scott morrison coal
Scott Morrison Keeps Small Piece Of Peter Dutton As Memento
New Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed that he has kept an off-cut of Peter Dutton as a keepsake, after
malcolm turnbull resignation
Malcolm Turnbull: “I Can Hold My Head High Knowing I Always Stuck To Other People’s Principles”
Malcolm Turnbull has given an emotional speech to the press gallery, saying he can leave Parliament proud that he always
Liberal Party Chooses Scott Morrison To Lose Next Election
Scott Morrison is seen by his colleagues as the best candidate to lead the nation for the next few months
Turnbull Guarantees Power Bills Will Fall $550 By 2014
Malcolm Turnbull says Australians can expect their electricity bills drop dramatically over the past four years
eric abetz
Eric Abetz Hospitalised After Scott Morrison Says ‘Tampon’
Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz spent the weekend in intensive care after Treasurer Scott Morrison’s use of the word ‘tampon’ caused
Peter Dutton Criticises Thailand For Failing To Keep Their Children In Detention
Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says Thailand is ‘soft’ on detention and should have done more to keep the
Understanding section 44
We’ve Put Together A Handy List Of The Countries You Can’t Be A Citizen Of When You Stand For Parliament!
Section 44 of the Constitution can be pretty tricky to get your head around. Sure, it seems to clearly state
abbott flags
Abbott Makes Pitch For Leadership Return, In Dazzling 400-Flag Press Conference
“I have what it takes to lead this nation again,” Tony Abbott told journalists today, backed by 400 of his