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Morrison Says He Is Best Placed To Do Nothing About Bushfires From Hawaii 
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reassured Australians that his holiday to Hawaii will not affect his response to the bushfire
Racist Young Liberals To Be Disciplined With Two Terms In Senate
The Coalition has responded swiftly to a racist video filmed by Young Liberals during Gold Coast schoolies celebrations, saying those
“Labor Lost Because It Had An Unpopular Leader”, Says Some Guy 
Labor’s election campaign failed because its leader was unable to engage voters, some random dude reckons
scott morrison climate change
Morrison Responds Bushfires By Increasing Franking Credits
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has responded decisively to the increasing frequency and severity of bushfires in Australia, promising not to
Morrison Shits His Pants While Visiting Maccas In US
The White House has confirmed that the Australian Prime Minster did a filthy shit in his underwear while touring a
Tips for living on Newstart
The Shovel’s 7 Tips For Living On Newstart
There’s been a lot of talk about increasing the Newstart payment recently. But as the Government has pointed out, there’s
Greens Voter Exhausted From Constantly Being Right
A Greens voter from Newtown says being right about absolutely everything takes its toll, but he doesn’t see a break
Where The Leaders Stand On The Major Issues – Your 60 Second Guide
With the federal election just days away, it’s important to be informed about where the leaders stand on the major
Daily Telegraph Says It ‘Got It Wrong’ With Yesterday’s Article And Will Publish A Full Page Cartoon Of Bill Shorten’s Mum As A Nazi Tomorrow
The Daily Telegraph has apologised for its article about Bill Shorten’s mum, saying it had let its readers down by
Shorten Forced To Ad-lib Conversation At Family Breakfast, After Advisor Forgets To Send Through Talking Points
Without a script or even a bullet list of talking points, Labor leader Bill Shorten was this morning forced to
Low-Income Australians To Receive One-Off Lump Of Coal, To Help Offset Threat Of Renewables
Over 4 million Australians are set to receive a one-off hand-out of coal, as part of a special budget-night sweetener
michael daley
Michael Daley Resigns, Replaced By Asian With PhD
NSW Labor leader Michael Daley has stepped aside after his party’s loss at Saturday’s state election. Unsurprisingly, his job was
MPs Should Be Chosen On Merit, Not Gender, Says Man Who Can’t Count To 43
A Queensland politician who last year fucked up the basic task of counting beyond forty, says members of parliament should
Disappointment As Peter Dutton Announces He Won’t Be Retiring At The Upcoming Election
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has formally announced he won’t be retiring. The news was met with sadness across Parliament
Climate Change Is Humanity’s Biggest Threat Until The Election, Morrison Says
Announcing a new range of policies to tackle climate change, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told journalists that global warming