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John Howard defends Dyson Heydon appointment: “He is one of the most intelligent, articulate and well-read sex offenders I know”
Former Prime Minister John Howard has stood by his decision to appoint Dyson Heydon to the High Court of Australia,
IKEA To Release Exciting New Range Of ‘Stackable ALP Branches’
The perfect way to get your house or political party under control.
It’s Time For Angus Taylor To Adopt The Netflix Model And Release His Next Season Of Scandals All In One Go
For the past few years Australians have waited eagerly each week for the new Angus Taylor scandal to drop. Who
Twiggy Forrest Stuns Everyone By Announcing He’ll Pay Tax  
Following his surprise decision to buy millions of Covid-19 tests from China, Mining billionaire Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest caught everyone off
New App To Alert Australians When Prime Minister Gets Within 1.5 Metres Of Hawaii
A new tracking app to be launched next week will send a notification to every Australian when the Prime Minister
“Trust Us On Covid App” Says Government Who Lied About Sports Grants, Water Licences, Travel Expenses, Asylum Seekers, ASIO Leaks And Robodebt
“You can trust us to use the data from the coronavirus tracking app appropriately,” says a government which secretly directed
MPs Told They’ll Need To Accept $1500 JobKeeper Payment If They’re Not Working Until August
With Parliament cancelled until August, Australia’s federal politicians have been told they will need to access the $750-a-week JobKeeper payment,
australian government surplus deficit
Understanding Government Spending In Australia
There’s been a bit of confusion lately about the difference between a government surplus and a government deficit, and how
International Arrivals At Lowest Levels Since Scott Morrison Was Head Of Tourism Australia 
The number of tourists coming to Australia has hit its lowest point since Scott Morrison’s ‘Where the bloody hell are
Scott Morrison Starts Panic-Buying Pina Coladas, As Fears Of Travel Ban Grow
Fearing he may not get to Hawaii again this year, the Prime Minister has cleared the rum, coconut milk and
Labor To Wait For Focus Group Research Before Deciding If It Is For Or Against Coronavirus
Labor Leader Anthony Albanese said the party needs to consider a broad range of views, particularly those of marginal voters,
PM Commits To Zero Climate Policy By 2050
Scott Morrison says his party will have absolutely no climate policy by the year
Government Approves Grant To Build New Opera House In North Sydney, For Benefit Of Rural Australians
The electorate of North Sydney will receive a $300 million grant to build a replica Sydney Opera House on the
Richard Di Natale Resigns, Grows Beard, Then Returns To Greens’ Leadership
Greens’ senator Richard Di Natale has stepped down from the leadership, grown a beard, changed his name and then returned
Bridget McKenzie Announces New 100,000 Seat Stadium For Launceston
Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie has defended her decision to fund an MCG-sized sports stadium in Launceston, saying the ultra-marginal seat