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Bunnings announces hostile takeover bid for all 8,000 polling booths to regain control of sausage sizzle market
"It's a natural fit"
Greens voter exhausted from constantly being right
"It takes its toll"
Senator calls Morrison “Corrupt, racist, autocratic bully” in third most stinging criticism of PM from his colleagues this year
She stopped short of calling him a complete psycho
Half of new jobs created last quarter were for Scott Morrison photo ops
"42,000 jobs were created for the PM last quarter"
New flood assistance fund announced for Kooyong
"We need to get funds to the areas that are most at risk"
Morrison responds decisively to floods by announcing funding for ark
"We've committed $350 billion to build a 300 cubit-long wooden ark"
“We’ll protect you from China,” says government struggling to get ADF into Aged Care
"Provided we've been given 3 weeks' notice and the correct paperwork has been filled out"
“I don’t pay attention to polls” Morrison says, announcing war with China
"I'm less focused on Newspoll, more focused on Australia getting bombed"
Scott Morrison responds to Omicron variant by promising to build a quarantine facility in 2060
"It gives us hope that we’ll be able to defeat this new strain four decades after it peters out on its own accord"
Scott asks Jenny to clarify if protestors should call for Andrews to be hanged or not
"Jenny has a way of clarifying things"
Morrison sets target for net zero allies by end of climate summit
"The plan will rely on innovation"
IKEA To Release Exciting New Range Of ‘Stackable ALP Branches’
The perfect way to get your house or political party under control.
Government “Blindsided” By UN Report Containing Information Scientists Screamed At Them For A Decade
"We were not aware of the 23,415 previous recommendations"
Greg Hunt Reassures Nursing Home Residents That He Was Vaccinated In March
"You can rest easy knowing that 100% of federal health ministers are now fully vaccinated"
$230 Billion In Budget Earmarked For Empathy Training
"This is a national crisis"