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Greens voter exhausted from constantly being right
"It takes its toll"
Children tell Santa they’ve been a ‘marginal Liberal electorate’ this year, in hope of getting more presents
"Dear Santa, I've been a good little Liberal electorate on a margin of less than 5%"
Forgetting to buy vaccines in a pandemic, and 6 other silly little mistakes we’ve all made before
"We've all done it!"
Labor holds emergency meeting to discuss how to fuck up lead in poll
“There's no need for panic. We’ve fucked this up from here before, and we’ll fuck it up again".
‘Whoops! I Forgot To Buy Enough Vaccines’, By Greg Hunt
"The truth is, I did intend to buy more. But then I saw this great offer for a cheaper vaccine, and I thought, well if you’re going to scrimp on something, this is the thing to do it on"
Barnaby Joyce Asks For Privacy, As He Announces Plan To Return To National Party Leadership
"It's time for me to step back from the spotlight and spend more time on television".
Statement Regarding Senator James Paterson’s Connection With The Shovel
"We felt it was time to come clean"
New Covid Payment To Provide $500 For Those Working 20 Hours A Week, Or $22 Million For Those Who Own A Chain Of Furniture, Bedding And Electrical Stores
"It will only apply to people with less than $10,000 or more $1.5 billion in liquid assets"
“Now Is Not The Time To Talk About Building A Quarantine Facility”
"Today is a day to talk about a potential war with China”
Scott Morrison Agrees To Properly Fund Education After Jen Tells Him His Daughters Go To School
"I had no idea"
scott morrison
Morrison Delays Calling Election, To Give His Team Another Chance To Fuck It Up
Without a single scandal since Tuesday’s federal budget, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he needs to give his government more
Turnbull Distances Himself From Joyce: “Technically He’s Not My Partner”
Malcolm Turnbull today confirmed that he and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce are definitely not partners, despite the fact they
richard di natale
Greens New ‘Cleaner Energy’ Plan To Harness Energy Of Household Cleaners & Nannies
Greens leader Richard Di Natale today unveiled his party’s Cleaner Energy plan, a $35m incentive scheme to encourage household cleaners and