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Josh Frydenberg thanks the 60 billion people who attended his campaign launch
Give or take
The Nationals Took Out An Ad In Our Election Guide And It’s Pretty Upfront Actually
The National Party has paid for a full-page ad in our Official Election Guide. For 100 pages of seat-by-seat analysis,
turnbull holding cards
‘The Time For Playing Games Is Over’ Turnbull Says, Asking Crowd To Pick A Card, Any Card
Today Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull paved the way for a double dissolution election. Here is the transcript of his speech
Tony Abbott satire
Photos Of Candidate’s Daughters To Be Included On Ballot Papers
In an effort to make the voting process more straightforward, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will include pictures of each
Kevin Rudd satire
Change In Strategy: Rudd To Target Adults
Halfway through the campaign and with the polls pointing to a Coalition victory, Kevin Rudd is contemplating a significant change
Tony Abbott satire
Liberal Strategists Frantically Trying To Remember How To Stop Tony Abbott Talking
Senior figures in the Liberal Party are searching through old manuals and revisiting how-to guides, to help them remember how
The Daily Show
Daily Show Segment: Americans Shocked To Discover Existence of Entire Other Country
Americans were treated to some of the most outrageous, inane and downright scary highlights from Australia’s election campaign during a
Kevin Rudd satire
Queenslanders Urged To Leave Immediately
Australian families living in Queensland have been told to leave the state as soon as possible, after credible reports were
One Nation satire
Islam’s Prime Minister Hits Back At One Nation
The Prime Minister of Islam has defended his country’s views and launched an attack of his own, in response to
jaymes diaz satire
Jaymes Diaz “Probably Gave Too Much Away”: Abbott
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott conceded that the Liberal candidate for the seat of Greenway, Jaymes Diaz, overstepped the mark by