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Explainer: The Shovel’s Guide To Voting
When you come to vote on election day, you will be given two ballot papers – one the size of
The Shovel’s Seat-By-Seat Election Analysis Is Everything You’ve Been Waiting For
Trying to get your head around this election? We’ve done the hard work for you, profiling all 3,459 electorates in
scott morrison white straight man
“It’s Time Straight White Men In This Country Were Heard”: Scott Morrison
From guest columnist Scott Morrison Enough is enough. For too long, middle aged, straight white men like me have not
labor ad
Spokesman In Labor Ad Not An Actor, Australians Shocked To Learn
The man portraying a struggling politician in a series of Labor campaign advertisements is not a paid actor, as was
To Australia’s shame, the NBN lags behind the rest of the world
The speed it takes the average Australian to stream scat films has made us the laughing stock of the developed world, writes Michelle Grattan
david feeney interview
David Feeney To Spend Remainder Of Campaign Locked In Small Box
Saying they had no idea how to stop David Feeney from making a dick of himself, the Labor Party has confirmed
manager offers to clean up giant mess he created
Manager Selflessly Offers To Help Clean Up Giant, Stinking Mess He Created
Saying it was important to pitch in and work together, Operations Manager Andrew Jenkins offered to help staff clean up
Sydney Harbour
Boat People Clogging Up Sydney Harbour Too
Less than a day after Liberal candidate Fiona Scott revealed that boat people were causing road congestion in Western Sydney,


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