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dog food
Dog Descended From Wild Animals May Die If Not Fed $80-A-Bag Food
A small dog whose ancestors survived for thousands of years on scraps and raw meat can only stomach a scientifically-developed
brandis bigot
Brandis Concedes He Just Likes Saying The Word Bigot
Attorney General George Brandis says he doesn’t know what bigot means, but quite likes the way it sounds
Stephen Fry ABC
ABC Programming Cut To Just 45 Minutes Following Stephen Fry Retirement
The ABC has been left with less than an hour of content each week after British comedian Stephen Fry confirmed
virgin airlines
Virgin Airlines Draws Massive Middle Finger To Perth Football Fans
Virgin took to the skies over the weekend to fly around Western Australia in the shape of a giant middle
turnbull latin
Turnbull Delivers Rousing Victory Speech Entirely In Latin
Saying it was a victory for the true believers – or “pro victoria orthodoxos” – the new Prime Minister today
Banksy Reveals Latest Installation
Celebrated street artist Banksy has unveiled his biggest project yet – a full-scale parody of a parliamentary system, perched on
Dyson Heydon
Dyson Heydon ‘Unaware’ Royal Commission Was A Liberal Party Fundraiser
The head of the Royal Commission into trade unions, Dyson Heydon, says he initially did not realise the Commission was
Bronwyn Bishop probation
On-Probation Bronwyn Bishop Restricted To Travelling At $80,000 An Hour
Speaker Bronwyn Bishop will be subject to a number of restrictions during her probationary period, including a maximum travel allowance
bronwyn bishop diaries
Choppers & Champagne: The Bronwyn Bishop Diaries
Wednesday 15th July 1:00pm Floyd, one of my personal assistants, comes running into my chambers rather frantically, and asks me
Kevin Rudd UN
“I’m Not Running For UN Secretary General” Says Man Who Is Definitely Running For UN Secretary General
“There are no circumstances under which I will be Secretary General of the United Nations,” former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd