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Australia Falls 4 Places – From 18th to 28th – In International Maths Rankings
In a wake-up call for the nation’s educators, Australia has plummeted on the international maths rankings tables for students, falling to
Hanson Recycles Entire 1996 Speech, Greens STILL Not Impressed
The Greens walked out on Pauline Hanson’s senate speech yesterday, even though she pretty-much created the whole thing from re-used
Stunning! Opening Ceremony Ends With Spectacular Outbreak Of Zika Virus
Spectators called it ‘awe-inspiring’, athletes described it as ‘infectious’. The thirty-first Olympic Games opening ceremony ended in spectacular fashion with
census facebook
‘Census Is Invasion Of My Privacy’ Man Writes On Website That Knows His Underwear Size
Saying it was ‘intrusive’ and a ‘blatant invasion of privacy’, Melbourne man Terry McManus has posted a stinging rant about
jennifer aniston pregnant
Jennifer Aniston Gives Birth To 10-Year-Old Child Following Prolonged Pregnancy
After more than a decade of pregnancy rumours, Jennifer Aniston has finally given birth to a healthy 10-year-old boy, believed
news limited pays no tax
Aussie ‘Battler’ Pays No Tax, Says Media Organisation That Also Pays No Tax
A multinational media organisation that last year paid around 0.1% of its turnover in tax has written a lovely little
climate science not settled
‘Climate Change Science Is Not Settled And Will Never Be Settled In Australia’, Brandis Says, Announcing Tough New Law
Any climate science found trying to enter Australian shores will be placed in indefinite detention and sent home, Attorney General
five dollar note Australia
Embarassing! Reserve Bank Accidently Puts Non-Australian On New $5 Note
In an embarrassing blunder, the RBA today released a new Australian $5 note featuring a woman who has never actually
malcolm and tony
Turnbull Promises To Buy Abbott Toy Boat To Play With If He Is Good Boy
The Prime Minister has told Tony Abbott he will buy him a special toy boat, but only if he is
wallet v wife
5 Signs You Might Be Confusing Your Wallet With Your Wife
Former AFL footballer Billy Brownless was a bit of a dill last night, comparing his misses to his wallet. But
curvy barbie
Bought A New Curvy Barbie? Here’s a 12-Week Program To Get Her Back In Shape
Just days after Mattel’s new ‘curvier’ Barbie doll hit the shelves in Australia, fitness celebrity Michelle Bridges has launched a new 12
This Morning’s Coffee To Sell For Between $1 and $1.20 Barista Tells Real Estate Agent
A small flat white is expected to fetch north of $1, a real estate agent was told at his local
uber puppies
Uber’s Total Tax Bill Last Year Was Only … Wait, PUPPIES!
Uber, the Silicon Valley tech giant valued at over $60 billion, paid an astonishingly low tax rate of just …
Alan Jones Stolen Generation
2GB Listeners To Be Forcibly Removed From Alan Jones
Thousands of at-risk 2GB listeners will be placed in care to protect them from their out-of-control father figure Alan Jones
The Shovel Academy: How To Make A Public Apology
We all make mistakes from time to time. Racially abuse someone on national television, get taxpayer money confused with personal