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lyle shelton
Lyle Shelton: Why you should vote ‘No’ on the same sex marriage plebiscite
I’m not one to mince my words, so let’s set this off on a diversionary path right from the start.
Barnaby Joyce citizenship
Defiant Joyce Says He Will Continue To Be A Voice For Farmers, Right Across The North Island
Following the High Court’s decision declaring him ineligible to be a member of parliament, Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce says he
turnbull baby alcohol
Revealed: How Tightarse Turnbull Used A Fake Baby To Smuggle Grog Into The SCG
The image of the Prime Minister cuddling a baby and drinking a beer at the SCG actually exposes an elaborate
tony abbott
Abbott’s Salary To Be Paid On Cashless Welfare Card, To Stop Him Drinking At Work
The Government will push ahead with a plan to pay a portion of Tony Abbott’s salary on a new cashless
barnaby joyce NZ
Evidence Mounts Of New Zealand Interference In Australian Election
The kiwis might be f*cking with us, it has been revealed
Same sex marriage
5 Tips For People Worried About Same-Sex Marriage
One of the most hotly contested ideas of the last few years is being debated again. Should we allow two
dr who
First Episode Of New Dr Who Just Men Explaining Concept Of Time Travel To Jodie Whittaker
Acknowledging that the show’s new female lead will probably not be familiar with the ins and outs of physics, producers
queen elizabeth 2
Australian Head Of State Forced To Resign After British Citizenship Revealed
The most senior figure in the Australian governmental system has been forced to stand aside after it was found she
avocado home millenial
This Man Applied For A Job In 9.72 Seconds. It’s Unnatural, And It’s Why We Need Welfare Drug-Testing
EDITORIAL: A key component of Scott Morrison’s budget on Tuesday night was a provision for the drug testing of those
facebook run
Facebook Outage Crisis: Man’s Friends Totally Unaware He Went For 7.2km Run This Morning
Friends and family of Sydney man John Reice were overwhelmed and confused this morning, after a Facebook outage meant they were
western sydney airport
Convenient ‘Shuttle Plane’ Service To Link Western Sydney Airport To City
Passengers arriving at the new Western Sydney Airport will be able to take advantage of a regular and affordable shuttle
Derelict Sydney Townhouse Listed For $1.5 Million, In Amusing April Fools Day Prank
A run-down two-bedroom flat without a toilet is asking $1.5 million, it has been revealed
Malcolm Turnbull Trump
Australia Has Faster Internet Than Equatorial Guinea, Turnbull Reassures Nation
Australia’s average internet speed is well above those calculated in North Korea and Equatorial Guinea, the Prime Minister said today,
shorten and turnbull
Turnbull & Shorten To Sort Out Differences Over Gorgeous 7-Course Degustation
The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader will settle once and for all who’s more out of touch with mainstream Australians
dolly magazine axed
Final Edition Of Dolly To Collate All 42,872 Signs He’s Really Into You
Teen magazine Dolly announced this week it will end its print edition, but promised a bumper final edition, including a