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australia flag
Nation Surprised To Discover Anyone Even Knows National Anthem
While Pauline Hanson loses her shit over a 9 year-old refusing to stand for the national anthem, the rest of
Reef Foundation Finally Reveals How It Will Use $444 Million To Reverse Coral Bleaching
Following weeks of speculation, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation has revealed the complex technique it will use to bring colour
melbourne gangs
Threat Of African Gangs Has Halved Since By-Elections, Analysis Shows
African gangs are no longer a threat in Melbourne, with analysis showing activity has dropped off markedly since the ‘super
eric abetz
Eric Abetz Hospitalised After Scott Morrison Says ‘Tampon’
Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz spent the weekend in intensive care after Treasurer Scott Morrison’s use of the word ‘tampon’ caused
coles plastic bags
New Coles Initiative Allows Customers To Dispose Of Plastic Bags Directly Into Ocean
Saying it wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to contribute to environmental degradation, shopping centre giant
sky news takeover
The Shovel And Sky News To Merge, Creating Australia’s Largest Satirical News Organisation
Online news organisation The Shovel will merge with satirical news broadcaster Sky News to create the country’s largest satirical news
channel 7 african gangs
Channel 7 Overrun By African Gang Stories
Barely a week goes by when Channel 7 isn’t teeming with African gang stories, it has emerged
david leyonhjelm
“It’s About Free Speech”, Fuckhead Senator Says
A man who has defended making sexist comments on the basis of free speech is a massive wanker, it has
Woolworths To Phase In Plastic Bags
Supermarket giant Woolworths says it is committed to phasing in plastic bags across all of its fresh fruit and vegetables
jacinta ardern
Jacinda Ardern Becomes First Prime Minister With Children Since Last Prime Minister
Jacinda Ardern has again broken new ground in New Zealand politics, becoming the first Prime Minister to balance the dual
Peter dutton abc news
Peter Dutton Named New ABC News Anchor
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s portfolio has again been extended – he will now host ABC’s seven o’clock bulletin, in
Man Buries Himself Under Road For 3 Days In Stunningly Realistic Portrayal Of Life In Hobart
Artist Mike Parr has been buried in a small container underneath a road in Hobart, in a moving depiction of
comm bank royal commission
Commonwealth Bank Opens New Cemetery Branch, To Be Closer To Its Customer Base
Saying it was part of its ‘customer-first strategy’ Commonwealth Bank has announced the opening of a new branch in Melbourne
bank royal commission
Royal Commission Struggling To Pay Bank Participation Fees
The Government has been slugged with bank fees totalling $1.8 million as part of the Royal Commission – a charge
south africa farming
Rohingyas To Reskill As White South African Farmers, In Last Desperate Attempt For Refugee Status
Hundreds of Rohingya men and women from Myanmar have begun to learn the skills required to become white South African