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Daily Telegraph Says It ‘Got It Wrong’ With Yesterday’s Article And Will Publish A Full Page Cartoon Of Bill Shorten’s Mum As A Nazi Tomorrow
The Daily Telegraph has apologised for its article about Bill Shorten’s mum, saying it had let its readers down by
Climate Change: Avoiding Wipe Out Of Humanity Not Within Budget Guidelines, Coalition Says
Pauline Hanson ACA
Pauline Hanson Can’t Believe How Unlucky She Is To Keep Choosing Fucking Idiots As Candidates
A tearful Pauline Hanson has told A Current Affair that choosing a bankrupt, a crazy conspiracy theorist, a homophobe, a
“I Was Concerned Negative Muslim Sentiment Was Taking Focus Away From African Gangs” Morrison Says
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has clarified his alleged comments from a 2010 shadow cabinet meeting, saying he was simply concerned
liberal party scandals
Liberal Party Asked To Spread Scandals Out More Evenly Across Month
Pointing out that it’s hard to keep up with all of this outrageous shit when it’s all happening at once,
Scott Morrison Gives Wife Gorgeous Lump Of Coal For Valentine’s Day
Proving he’s still a ladies’ man, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed that he gave his wife a stunning lump
Tim Wilson Confirms That Election Ballot Paper Will Now Contain Option To Donate To Liberal Party
Voters in the upcoming election will have the option to donate to the Liberal Party when they fill in their
“This Is As Aussie As You Can Get”, Says Man Pointing To Star Constellation Visible From Half Of Planet
A man with a Southern Cross tattoo has told friends the emblem is uniquely Australian, proudly showing off the iconic
Minister For Women And Jobs To Resign, Citing Pressure Of Being A Woman With A Job
The Government’s Minister For Women and Minister For Employment, Kelly O’Dwyer says being a woman with employment in the Liberal
kelly o'dwyer satire
Kelly O’Dwyer Resigns, To Spend Less Time Working With Children
Liberal front bencher Kelly O’Dwyer will not contest the next election, citing the ‘very personal reasons’ of wanting to spend
Joyce Slams Andrew Broad For Not Considering Staff Members For Extramarital Affair
Former National Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce has slammed his colleague,  Andrew Broad, for not considering his
Scott Morrison Becomes Longest Serving Prime Minister Since Malcolm Turnbull
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has now been in the top job for longer than anyone since Malcolm Turnbull left the
morrison wentworth
Voting For An Independent In Wentworth Will Lead To Instability, Says Nation’s Fifth Prime Minister Since 2013
A vote for an independent is a vote for unpredictability, Australia’s temporary Prime Minister told voters in Wentworth today
crown bet arena
Sydney Opera House To Become ‘Crown Bet Arena’
Sydney’s iconic opera house will become known as Crown Bet Arena from January, in a five-year deal said to be
scott morrison fatman scoop
Scott Morrison Uses Question Time To Ask ‘WHO’S F*%KIN’ TONIGHT!?’
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has used question time to quiz both sides of parliament on their sexual plans for this