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Australians Urge Queensland To Keep Border Closed Indefinitely
Australians have warmed to Queensland’s strict stance on re-opening its borders, saying the state should seriously consider staying shut on
Josh Frydenberg says he has the numbers to challenge Scott Morrison, with the support of two billion MPs already locked in
Treasurer and deputy Liberal Party leader Josh Frydenberg says he has the support within the party required to topple Scott
Woman Changes Name To ‘Ruby Princess’ So She Can Do Whatever The Fuck She Wants
A Sydney woman is going on a three-day bender this weekend after changing her name from Jenny Warren to Ruby
Virgin Allows Customers To Purchase Airline As Optional Add-On
Virgin Australia customers will be able to purchase extra baggage, insurance or Virgin Australia Pty Ltd as part of a
If Virgin Goes Bust, Australians Will Only Have One Airline That They’re Not Allowed To Travel On
There are fears today that the nation’s second largest carrier, Virgin Australia, may cease to exist, leaving Australians with just
“Trust Us On Covid App” Says Government Who Lied About Sports Grants, Water Licences, Travel Expenses, Asylum Seekers, ASIO Leaks And Robodebt
“You can trust us to use the data from the coronavirus tracking app appropriately,” says a government which secretly directed
Powerball Jackpots To 12-Pack Of 3-Ply Toilet Paper
One lucky Australian could walk away with a week’s supply of toilet paper tonight, after Powerball jackpotted to a dozen
scott morrison handshake
Scott Morrison Refuses To Accept Coronavirus Handshake Ban
The Prime Minister says he won’t be following the advice of health professionals concerned about the spread of coronavirus, and
PM Commits To Zero Climate Policy By 2050
Scott Morrison says his party will have absolutely no climate policy by the year
Government Approves Grant To Build New Opera House In North Sydney, For Benefit Of Rural Australians
The electorate of North Sydney will receive a $300 million grant to build a replica Sydney Opera House on the
Coalition Unwilling To Address Coronavirus Until It Knows Exactly How Much It Will Cost
Health Minister Greg Hunt says it would be reckless to begin tackling the coronavirus epidemic until the final costs are
Bettina Arndt Gives Back Order Of Australia After Realising She Is Denying A More-Deserving Man
Social commentator and men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt has voluntarily handed in her AO, after someone pointed out that, by
Government Activates Coronavirus Emergency Plan: Morrison To Head To Hawaii Immediately
The Australian Government has activated standard emergency procedures in response to the coronavirus threat, with the Prime Minister booked to
George Calombaris Receives Emergency Government Assistance After Renaming His Restaurant ‘The Toorak Croquet & Duck Shooting Club’
George Calombaris’s restaurant empire has avoided going into receivership after being allocated a $10 million Federal Government grant to upgrade
Barnaby Joyce Asks For Privacy, As He Announces Plan To Return To National Party Leadership
Barnaby Joyce has announced his intention to challenge for the National Party leadership, saying he wants to step back from