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Government waiting for Rapid Anti-Djokovic Polling before fucking up next move
"We need to stumble into the next crisis with certainty"
Government to allow Australians to dip into super to pay for RATs
"If you don't want to access your super, then just sell one of your investment properties"
2019 ‘election miracle’ actually just shit-tons of dodgy cash
"Isn't God amazing!"
United States tests positive for Barnaby Joyce
"The ‘Barnicron’ variant is believed to be more mutant than previous strains"
Ballarat protesters evoke famous moment when Eureka rebels demanded you do your own research on Google
The crowd re-enacted the time Peter Lalor read a thread on 4chan that proved the Victorian Government was funded by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates
Make A Wish Foundation surprises terminally lazy little boy with lap at Bathurst
“We made sure someone else was sitting in the driver’s seat"
Peter dutton abc news
Peter Dutton named new ABC news anchor
"It's important that Australians hear the right news"
More ScoMo leaked texts revealed
"For fucks sake Scott I just asked if you could water the grevilleas"
Loophole found in voter ID laws: ‘Just say you’ve donated to a blind trust’
"You won't need to provide any details about your identity at all"
Banksy Reveals Latest Installation
The large-scale satirical artwork is named ‘The Australian Government’
Australians Urge Queensland To Keep Border Closed Indefinitely
"We need to be extra cautious, for the health of all Australians"
Daniel Andrews Refuses To Scrap 9pm Curfew But Agrees To Let Melburnians Read In Bed Until 9:30
"This is not an invitation to stay up all night"
News Corp Calls For Urgent Action On Y2K Bug
“Y2K is starting to become a real concern for our readers"
Inspired By Gerry Harvey, Woman Pays Back 27% Of Her Centrelink Overpayment
“I was so taken aback by Gerry Harvey’s generosity. I wanted to match that gesture"
Scott Morrison Explains The Afghan Situation Is Complicated, “Like The Movie Shrek”
"There are no easy answers, just like in the movie".


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