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Only 83% of Australians identify as influencers, new census data shows
"That means 2 million Australian are not providing advice on how to live your best life"
PM says unvaxxed Australians deserve to be treated with the respect they refuse to show others
"These rules are unfairly inhibiting the most selfish in our society"
Sydney Man Allegedly Pretended To Be Prime Minister For Past 35 Months
"It is unclear how the man was able to go unnoticed for so long"
Kevin Rudd, Harold Holt, And 4 Other Former Prime Ministers That Are Doing More Than Scott Morrison Right Now
#4 - Currently residing as a statue in Port Macquarie, Australia’s first Prime Minister is significantly more useful than Scott Morrison. He provides a small amount of shade, a place for pigeons to sit, and can be easily located, even in a crisis. The statue has reportedly not forced anyone to shake its hand
House Floating Down Sydney Street Sells For $3 Million
“You won’t find a 3-bedroom terrace in Sydney for less than this"
IKEA Renames Its 3-Seat Sofa ‘The WA Liberal Party’ To Commemorate Historic Election Result
"It’s big enough to hold a full party meeting”
Sydney Man To Sidestep NYE Restrictions By Holding ‘SCG Test Match’-Themed Party For 20,000 Mates
“I wanted to be sure I stayed within the guidelines"
“When Will Daniel Andrews Take Responsibility For Hiring Private Security Guards In South Australia?”: By Peta Credlin
"As premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews must take responsibility"
Victoria Doubles Contact Tracing Capacity With Purchase Of Second Fax Machine
"The decision to make the purchase came after a $32 million review by consulting firm KPMG"
Your IQ Is 150 Minus The Number Of Toilet Paper Rolls You Have In Your House Right Now 
A new, simpler measure of intelligence has been developed which is calculated by subtracting the number of rolls of toilet
George, Matt and Gary Walk Away From MasterChef After Channel 10 Offers Them $9 An Hour
Channel 10 say they are surprised they could not reach a contract agreement with MasterChef judges George Calombaris, Matt Preston
Clive Palmer Could Have Won Same Amount Of Seats With Half The Spend, Analysis Shows
Expert analysis shows that mining magnate Clive Palmer could have won zero seats with just $30 million – half of
Shorten Forced To Ad-lib Conversation At Family Breakfast, After Advisor Forgets To Send Through Talking Points
Without a script or even a bullet list of talking points, Labor leader Bill Shorten was this morning forced to
mums bol telstra
Mum’s Spag Bol Drops Out Randomly Without Notice, Telstra Confirms
The ‘spag bol’ that Telstra was referring to in its recent advertising campaign often isn’t available, and can be missing
paleo bar
New Paleo Bars Replicate The Convenience And Packaging Of Stone-Age Snack Foods
A new range of paleo bars replicate the ease, convenience and colourful packaging that cavemen would have been accustomed to,