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water on mars: Australia to check for boats
Water On Mars: Australia To Check For Illegal Boats
Australia will send a mission to Mars as soon as possible to check for irregular maritime vessels, following a report
gillian triggs
Children In Detention Spending Free Time Debating Whether Gillian Triggs Is Politically Biased Or Not
Locked behind bars, and locked in conversation, the 200 or so children being held in Australia’s off-shore detention centres have
boat people
Fence To Be Built Between Australia And Indonesia
Work will begin next month on a 3,000 km fence stretching from Christmas Island to Cape York Peninsula, following the
scott morrison satire
Scott Morrison Invited To Vegas To Perform Boat-Disappearing Trick
Australia’s leading magician Scott Morrison has been offered a headline spot at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Hotel, after his boat-disappearing
Scott Morrison satire
Australia Loses First Round Of Asylum Seeker
Australia has narrowly lost the first match of Asylum Seeker, in a disappointing start to the five Test series against
political expenses
Australians Instructed To Use The Term “Illegal Aeronautical Arrivals”
Australians have been told they will now need to refer to trips taken by politicians to visit investment properties or
Sydney Harbour
Boat People Clogging Up Sydney Harbour Too
Less than a day after Liberal candidate Fiona Scott revealed that boat people were causing road congestion in Western Sydney,
political satire Australia
Australian Newspapers As Surprised As Anyone About Refugee Readership Numbers
Australia’s struggling newspapers may have been thrown a lifeline in the form of the lucrative refugee readership segment
Abbott Rudd satire
Federal Election To Be Replaced By Boat-Stopping Competition
Australia’s upcoming Federal election is to be scrapped and replaced by a boat-stopping competition, it has been revealed
australian political satire
Calls For Residents To Be Alerted When Politicians Are Released Into The Community
Victims’ rights groups have called for a registry to be set up to alert residents when Members of Parliament enter
ballot box
Labor excises entire population from electoral roll
A day after announcing plans to remove the entire country from its own migration zone, the Labor Government has excised
Tony Abbott satire
Sensitive Tony Abbott’s about-turn on asylum seeker policy: “Hugs not Tugs”
Australia’s caring-and-sensitive Opposition Leader – who we now know prefers Downton Abbey to the footy and cries when watching The