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apple ireland
Apple Becomes First Irish Company To Hit $1 Trillion Valuation
A computer business that began life in the garage of Steve Jobs’ childhood home in Dublin has become the first
apple watch tattoo
Apple Watch Only Works If You Have ‘Consumer Slave’ Tattooed On Your Forehead
Early adopters of Apple’s new watch have found that the device only works for those who have a tattoo on
apple watch
Human Life Now Entirely Taken Up With Checking Things
Humans now have something to do in the dead time between checking their phones and checking their iPad
bono iphone
Siri Replaced By Bono
Users of Apple’s new iPhone were today surprised to find the well-known personal assistant, Siri, had been replaced by an
Oprah follows up Microsoft fail with a barrage of suspiciously inspirational tweets
Yesterday Oprah Winfrey made a fool of herself, and Microsoft, when she tweeted about how much she loved the tech
nokia 5110
Nokia relives glory days with 1998-themed party
While Apple was celebrating the launch of its new iPhone yesterday, the once popular mobile phone company Nokia was having