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Draconian new gun laws require Americans to count to 10 before buying firearms
"Our founding fathers would never have counted to ten before buying semi-automatic weaponry"
BREAKING: Kanye West Wins First Presidential Debate
“88% of swinging voters said Kanye West was the most coherent of the three candidates"
Americans confused why Melbourne in lockdown just because of outbreak of deadly, infectious disease
Americans have described Victoria’s decision to go into lockdown as ‘baffling’, saying it seemed like a drastic step to take
Fears Sanders May Turn US Into Nightmarish Hellhole Where Everyone Gets Healthcare
As the Democratic primary race tightens, many are concerned that a Bernie Sanders’ presidency could lead to a terrifying future
Work Begins On New Trump Hotel
Preparation work has begun on a glittering new Trump hotel in north-eastern Syria, with the final building likely to be
‘War In Iran’ Goes Into Early Production
The final instalment of the Middle East Wars trilogy has gone into initial production, with early marketing activity already underway
Mueller Report: Americans Shocked To Learn They Elected Racist, Sexist, Psychopath All By Themselves
Following the release of the Mueller report which found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Americans
donald trump the apprentice
Trump Yet To Realise He No Longer Needs To Fire One Person A Week
US President and former host of The Apprentice Donald Trump is still under the impression he needs to fire one
us capital building
Preparations To Do Nothing About Next School Massacre Now In Place, Government Confirms
After weeks of lengthy deliberations, US lawmakers have finally put the finishing touches to a detailed plan that would see
us capital building
Time To Move On (To Next Massacre) US Legislators Say
After three days of grieving, legislators in the US have said it is now time for Americans to put the
elon musk car
Elon Musk Has A Big Cock
American-based billionaire Elon Musk has a large penis, it has been confirmed
harvey weinstein
Weinstein Responds To Sexual Harassment Claims: “I Will Run For President”
Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein has finally responded to shocking sexual harassment allegations, saying the only appropriate thing for him to
Paul Ryan
Republicans Urge Americans To Respect Moral Authority Of Laws Written By Slave Owners
Leading voices in Congress have reminded the American public that gun ownership is enshrined within the constitution, a document conceived
2 Million New Facts Created In Trump Administration’s First Week
In a stunningly successful first week for the Trump administration, the US has seen the creation of over two million new facts, spurred
“I Didn’t Say ‘Simon Says’”, Florida Policeman Explains
Charges against a Miami law enforcement agent who shot an unarmed black man while his hands were in the air