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campbell newman
Campbell Newman’s Defamation Lawsuit Accidentally Written On Acland Mine Letterhead

The 35-page defamation suit brought by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman against radio shock-jock Alan Jones was mistakenly printed on New
Alan Jones satire
“Wanted: 2GB Fact-Checker”. Can you pass Alan Jones’s recruitment quiz?
Broadcaster Alan Jones has started the search for an employee to check the accuracy of his on-air statements after yesterday’s
Alan Jones satire
Alan Jones puts forward suggestions on how to fill airtime, now that his show has no advertisers
With sponsors of Alan Jones’s 2GB breakfast program abandoning the show en-masse this week, the Sydney broadcaster has been left
alan jones (image from SMH)
Alan Jones reassures Australia that the Higgs Boson Particle doesn’t exist
Radio journalist and respected scientist Alan Jones told his listeners on 2GB this morning that the Higgs Boson Particle –