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Ivanka Trump Surprised To Discover Meeting Is With North Korean Leader, Not Kim Kardashian
Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the US President, says she was taken aback when she realised her high profile meeting
‘War In Iran’ Goes Into Early Production
The final instalment of the Middle East Wars trilogy has gone into initial production, with early marketing activity already underway
American Drone Was Invaded By Iranian Airspace, US Inquiry Finds
Iranian airspace aggressively invaded the flightpath of a US drone, causing the drone to drift into enemy territory, a US
Trump Offers Thoughts And Prayers To Family Of Downed Drone
President Trump says his thoughts and prayers are with the relatives of the US drone that was shot down in
Mt Everest Promises To Install Second ATM
Mt Everest authorities have responded to the frustrations of climbers queuing for cash, saying they will install a second ATM
Theresa May
May Resigns To Allow Britain To Fuck Up Brexit A Different Way
British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that she will stand down from her role to give other people a
Pauline Hanson Withdraws Support For Monarchy After Learning Meghan Markle Is In Labor
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says she was shocked to learn today that the Duchess of Sussex is a signed-up
Apple Unveils Plans To Revitalise Notre Dame Precinct With New Flagship Store
Saying it would become an iconic new destination the likes of which have never been seen in France, Apple has
Europe Votes To Leave EU, Just To Fuck With Britain
Tired with the constant fucking around, the rest of Europe has decided to make Britain’s decision for it, voting to
Mueller Report: Americans Shocked To Learn They Elected Racist, Sexist, Psychopath All By Themselves
Following the release of the Mueller report which found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Americans
VISUAL: How Immigration Led To The Christchurch Terrorist Attack
A new graphic released today appears to confirm Senator Fraser Anning’s claim that immigration was the cause of the Christchurch
trump wall
Negotiating Whiz Convinces Mexico To Pay $0 Billion To Build Wall
Deal-making maestro Donald Trump has pulled off the seemingly impossible – convincing Mexico to contribute a full 0.00% of the
Donald Trump satire
National Emergency Declares National Emergency
America now has two national emergencies, it can be confirmed
Donald Trump To Spend Romantic Valentine’s Dinner With The Love Of His Life
US President Donald Trump says he’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with the most talented, gifted, amazing person he knows,
Trump Shows Off Negotiating Skills By Shrewdly Giving In To Every Single One Of Democrats’ Demands
US President Donald Trump has displayed some of the deal-making magic he promised during the 2017 campaign, shutting down the